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Why Become a Teacher?

Why Become a Teacher?

Do you think a career in education is a good idea? Why not? Especially when it gives so many benefits and reward. However, the career in education is challenging like any other field. The motto of teachers is to develop students and make them expert in their respective field. According to experts, Potential teacher is someone who is patient, calm, and detail-oriented, and possess the quality to clearly communicate lecture in the classroom.

Do you know why most leaders find a teaching career is the best option? Let’s find out with Parag Fatehpuria.

Teacher Benefits   

Parag Fatehpuria - Teacher Benefits

Full-time teachers usually receive retirement and healthcare benefits that are more viable than those found in private-sector professions. Teachers who contribute to collective bargaining or union agreements may get further job security. Experienced teachers who meet or build standards of teacher quality may also become eligible for tenure, which offers an added benefit of job security.

Personal Fulfillment

Parag Fatehpuria - teaching

Another benefit of the job is it allows you to work in a subject of your interest. Whether you are interested in English, math, history, or any other subject, earning a certification in that area can keep you involved with your particular interests throughout your career – with the added advantage that your passion will involve students in the subject. Earning more than one subject certification can also add diversity to your job and you don’t need to become repetitive. Holding multiple qualifications in in-demand subjects can also help teachers to grab higher salaries.

Time Off

Parag Fatehpuria - Teacher

Being a teacher another benefit you can avail in a teaching career is your work schedules will follow school schedules. Besides extended breaks around major holidays and spring break, it is possible for you to get your summers off. As most schools operate on a “school year” instead of a calendar year, schools are usually open between the months of May and August. That means teachers may not be required to work for the months of June and July, so ideally you can spend your summer relaxing, spending time with family and friends, traveling, or pursuing other interests. However, many teachers out there who choose to work during the summer school session, leading summer classes as well.

Summers are also a perfect time for teachers to add the professional development hours they require to maintain their certification status. Moreover, Although they might not have regular working hours during the summer, many teachers spend time during summer holiday getting their classrooms ready, writing lesson plans, and making other arrangements for the upcoming school year.

Final Words

So these are the reason why most people including leaders like Parag Fatehpuria love teaching career and encourage everyone to pursue a career in the teaching field.

Parag Fatehpuria

I’m Parag Fatehpuria. I’m a Mentor living in Ahmedabad, India. I am a fan of travel, reading, and entrepreneurship. I’m also interested in education and basketball. Apart from it, I have been associated with many other social services.

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