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lebanese cuisine
By SARAH CLAIRNE 4,136 views

Here’s Why People Love Lebanese Cuisine! It’s Actually Quite

People all around the world have come to love Lebanese cuisine. This food culture is now renowned all over the world with many different nationalities enjoying the delicious flavours.

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience” – James Beard

Why do people love Lebanese cuisine? Yes, it is really quite simple. Flavoursome, fulfilling, fun and fantastic, Lebanese cuisine takes your taste buds on a wild ride.

Lebanese cuisine has developed over the years through its rich culture and traditions, passed down from generation to generation making it what it is today. With such a unique variety of foods, this cuisine cannot be compared to another.

Here are a couple of reasons why this cuisine is well-loved!

Lebanese cuisine is just so delicious

Full of fresh ingredients and a combination of unique flavours, Lebanese cuisine is certainly one that is truly delicious.

It gets better.

When eating at a Lebanese restaurant in Sydney, you usually get to try and taste a range of small dishes, instead of just having one to yourself. Ranging from dips, salads, meats and vegetables, a Lebanese feast allows you to indulge in a little bit of everything.

Okay, not a little, A LOT. Lebanese cuisine menus all around Sydney, including Parramatta are incorporating these traditional flavours.

Lebanese cuisine does not disappoint. Every dish is full of flavour, texture, zest and freshness. This cuisine also stays true to its tradition and culture, making sure they don’t lose sight of where they came from. There are many Lebanese cuisine menu’s in Sydney, particularly Parramatta that have brought these flavours and cultural elements for the local people to experience.

Mezza is a must in Lebanese cuisine

Many people love Lebanese cuisine because of the famous Mezza. I mean, how could you not love Mezza.

If you don’t already know, Mezza is a selection of smaller dishes that are shared amongst everyone sitting at the table. Many people enjoy Mezza as an ‘entree’ or ‘starter’ to their main meal.

However, Mezza can also be enjoyed by itself. It is a beautiful tradition where people sit around the table for hours enjoying food in smaller doses.

Lebanese Mezza includes a variety of hot and cold options, consisting of vegetables, nuts, dips, salads and let’s not forget … bread. Famous Lebanese Mezza options include:

  • Hummus
  • Baba Ghannouj
  • Pickles
  • Samboosak
  • Tabouli
  • Fattoush

We are going to focus on some of our favourite mezza dishes.

Fried Kibbeh is one that can not be bypassed. A crispy mini football filled with meat on the inside and covered with meat on the outside. This one is for all meat lovers. If you want an accompaniment, try it with labneh (yoghurt) and you will be in for a treat.

Vine leaves are a unique mezza option but still loved by many. These little creations consist of spiced rice, sometimes mincemeat wrapped around a vine leave and then cooked. Add lemon and you will be in heaven.

Those are just a couple of our favourites, check out some more here!

Mezza is not only about food. Rather becomes a social event, encouraging people to sit around for hours, conversating and enjoying each others company.

This is another reason why many love Lebanese cuisine because it focuses on the experience rather than just the food. During mezza, dishes are brought out slowly and on small plates where guests can enjoy the flavours thoroughly.

If you don’t know what we are talking about, we suggest your next dinner reservation be at a Lebanese restaurant in Sydney.

You certainly won’t be disappointed. Check out some of the best Lebanese restaurants in Sydney and Lebanese food menu’s in Parramatta before choosing one!

Planning a wedding should be one of the most exciting and joyful experiences in a couples life. However, this can sometimes be a long, stressful and tedious process.

Securing the perfect place to celebrate this momentous time can be quite difficult and requires time and effort.

Planning this special day includes finding the perfect dress, perfect flowers and most importantly the perfect location! This may not always be as easy as it seems.

Often with a long list of criteria to satisfy, selecting a wedding venue in Sydney involves a fair bit of thought.

A wedding takes some time to prepare and requires careful budgeting, good organisational skills and an amazing team of individuals to help pull off your dream day.

If you are looking for a venue that offers a variety of food and beverage packages, Middle Eastern cuisine is the way to go. Your guests can experience a sensory journey to the Middle East right in the heart of Parramatta.

“Remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead.” – Nelson Mandela

Here are some reasons why Lebanese function venues in Parramatta will be perfect for your special day: 

Lebanese people know how to party

This is not an understatement.

Any chance there is, Lebanese people will get the drums out and whip out their semi-professional dance moves, which may or may not involve a line of people assisting someone to simultaneously walk up and dance on a wall.

Celebrating anything from a child’s first tooth all the way through to their graduation, twenty-first birthday, engagement and wedding, Lebanese people sure know how to celebrate each milestone.

If you want to enjoy a unique and wonderful vibe you cannot go wrong with hosting your wedding at a Lebanese function venue. They will be sure to offer you and your guests an experience to remember.

Lebanese feasts will leave your guests more than satisfied

There is nothing quite like Lebanese cuisine.

There is a wide variety of options.

It is wholesome.

It is oh so tasty!

Leaving you wanting to go for seconds or even thirds, Lebanese cuisine is perfect for a large number of guests, with endless options to cater to every type of guest.

From the meat lovers to the pescatarians, vegetarians and vegans, you need not worry about having to cater to your various guests because Lebanese is the cuisine for all!

Good food at any event is a must and you simply will not go wrong in choosing a Lebanese function venue for your wedding.

With a variety of function packages on offer making it easier for newlyweds, Lebanese function venues provide tailored food and drink packages, to suit the couple and their guests.

Just one less thing to worry about on your big day.

Unique vibe and atmosphere

There is something about hosting any special event at a Lebanese venue.

Lebanese culture is all about quality, achieving full satisfaction and making sure customers feel comfortable.

Be assured that service and food quality will never be compromised, leaving you to enjoy your very special day with the most important people in your life, without having to worry about the small details.

With most Lebanese restaurants offering belly dancers and other types of entertainment, you will have the opportunity to ‘wow’ your guests, leaving them with an experience of a lifetime.

An atmosphere that exudes happiness and joy in a perfect location for you and your guests, you will not want to go elsewhere.

sarah clairne

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