When it comes to making changes, typical excuses include not having enough time or not being in the right place at the right moment. Do you need to rebrand but there is never enough time? Is there any new material? Why a website is important?


As we all understand that businesses have been and will continue to be left behind,  if they do not continue to adapt and evolve what is, after all, their window to the world, therefore such matters must be evaluated. It’s critical to maintain your website livelily and up to date at all times. As a result, you must take immediate action.


You don’t want to be wondering about it when you’re too preoccupied to act again, therefore now is the ideal opportunity to invest in a long-term strategy.  It’s also vital to understand that you’re not alone at home and that since the vast majority of the population are staying home as well, all of us want something to look at. 


On the one hand, we don’t have storefronts, exhibits, or events to highlight what we do. On the other hand, we can’t gossip by the copier and we have no one to chat to by the coffee machine; so we need to be amused today more than ever. So this is why websites are important nowadays.


You’ve been gathering information for quite some time if you already have a website. If so, then now is the opportunity to cash in, with Google Analytics delivering visibility as we’ve never seen before. 


Figuring out which parts of your website are the most effective, which pages are the most popular, and how to use data to learn more about your visitors, will be simpler than ever. Instead of presenting and mounting this data on the wall (no one will see it anyhow because everyone works from home), you should use it to figure out where your visitors are originating from and heading to, what they love, and what they disregard, and then develop something that makes it simpler for them to do so. Customers who were unimpressed with websites said they were reluctant to purchase from them again, according to 79 percent of them.


A website may be a fantastic tool to attract more customers as well as a spectacular way to lose them. 50 percent of web visitors anticipate webpages to load in under two seconds; a one-second delay results in an 11% loss in page visits and, a 7 percent decrease in conversions more importantly. Every day, a one-second rise has made some businesses thousands of dollars richer. 


Of all, speed and user-friendliness are just two of many elements to consider, Prism Digital, a website design company in Dubai suggests that you should spend some time looking at things like:


Design must be original and boldly display your business; it should be appealing, precise, brief, and genuine to your brand. If you were buying a car, you’d want four wheels and a few amenities, but you’d also want one that looked impressive. 


You must have a mobile-friendly website, it is a non-negotiable condition. 


Much too often, plenty of the finest and most useful websites on the internet go unnoticed. If you don’t show up in search results, your design, content, and architecture are all for naught. Of course, a variety of things will influence this, but usability will be at the top of the list. 


Right now, perhaps the most important item to consider. It is indeed past time to take a step back and look at your branding, market, and organization from a different viewpoint. A consistent, multi-platform brand is more important than ever before in terms of generating recognition and commitment. A brand has to be your voice and precept and must be more than just a stunning and instantly identifiable logo.

Rate of conversion

A site must not just generate a lot of leads, more importantly, those leads must be converted to gauge the success of your site.


Design your website in a way that visitors will want to stay on it for as long as possible and fill it with amazing content (which will produce free SEO for years to come). It’s a terrific moment to invest in content right now. It’s all yours, so utilize it and push it for as much as you can. 


  1. commerce will undoubtedly benefit from this situation. The concern of not having any sales must outweigh the anxiety of growing into internet sales. Undoubtedly, people will delight and come back outdoors once the quarantine period comes to an end, but e-commerce will have been exposed to millions of individuals who had never heard of it before. 


By providing a terrific online experience from which they can still enjoy your goods, Provide your clients the same pleasure they get when they visit you, make them feel comfortable and liberated. Most customers will continue to shop online if they have loved the service and don’t expect it to be temporary. 


Right now, your storefront is a website on any platform. The content is your identity and it’s your booth at the trade show. Ensure that everybody can see what you are doing and deliver in a comprehensible and interesting website and take the time to include as many significant parts of your brand and business as you need to. 


Now, more than ever is the best time to contact Prism Digital, a website designing agency in Dubai to have a website built for you or to have your existing website optimized. They aren’t just website designers. They create web experiences for mobile devices. For a fraction of the cost, you’ll get a highly responsive website with all the features you require.

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