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In search of a Wooden Bed? Visit Online Stores to explore Hundreds of Remarkable Designs

The bedroom is not only a place where you curl up and enjoy an undisturbed sleep, it is also the place where you look to relax at any time of the day and enjoy your own company. Hence, this room should be taken care of in every way possible. When it comes to ensuring comfort in your bedroom, the bed is undoubtedly a piece of furniture that should be selected wisely. And needless to say, a wooden bed can definitely be an ideal choice as this sturdy material has the ability to stand the test of time.

Whether you are looking for aesthetic creations with ornate carvings to maintain a particular theme in your bedroom or you want a simple bed to keep your décor basic, there are hundreds of captivating bed designs that can align with your budget and space requirements. Moreover, to make your beds even more functional, many of the manufacturers also accompany them with built-in drawers that can be used for storing your bedsheets, bedding, and blankets.

Common bed designs based on their style 

  • Platform beds – Platform beds are great for those who are planning to give their bedroom a contemporary hint. These beds usually have a raised level and horizontal solid frame to provide proper support to the mattresses. Most importantly, they completely eliminate the need of a box-spring or an additional mattress to give the desired comfort.
  • Poster beds – A poster or commonly called as four-poster bed is designed by incorporating four vertical columns, one on each corner. They are perfect for those who hold a liking for classical design style as these beds not only look royal and elegant but are structured in such a way that they offer unmatched comfort.
  • Canopy beds – This is another popular variant praised for its timeless and majestic appeal. Although quite similar to a four-poster bed, this wooden bed allows you to pair it up with beautiful drapes and intricate tassels to make an ordinary bedroom into a remarkable retreat.
  • Sleigh beds – Featuring curved headboard and footboard, these beds actually resemble the structure of sleighs. In addition, their curved headboard delivers maximum ease when you sit back to enjoy your late-night movies and game nights with your dear ones.

Common bed designs based on their size

  • Single bed – A single bed is majorly designed to accommodate one person and is great for rooms that have space-related limitations. Although such beds usually come in a standard size, you also have the option to access many online furniture stores that can help you to get them customized as per your own requirement.
  • Queen-sized double bed – Queens-sized beds are one of the widely popular bed designs as they offer a snug-fit to two adults while leaving proper floor space in your room to easily move around. In addition, their availability in a wide palette of patterns assures to offer a gorgeous makeover to your bedroom.
  • King-sized double bed – King-sized beds are an absolute luxury as they make your bedroom look stunning while offering adequate space for two people to sleep together. Their headboards and footboards carry pleasing patterns, and they can be seen in both modern and traditional varieties to match your home’s décor.

Why purchase wooden beds from online stores?

Gone are the days when you use to drain your energy in moving from one furniture store to another to search for that exceptionally comforting and well-crafted bed. Nowadays, there are numerous online wooden furniture stores that have made furniture shopping absolutely hassle-free. All you need is your phone to scroll through innumerable varieties of beds, compare different online furniture manufacturers and their services as well as the price range in order to choose the most suitable one. Also, you can easily pay online and can get the bed quickly delivered to any location as many of such stores offer pan-India delivery.


If you are planning to purchase a wooden bed, then you no longer have to worry as now you can conveniently access multiple bed varieties with just a click on your phone. Whether you need a single or a king-sized double bed in canopy, sleigh or platform design, there is a skillfully crafted creation for everyone. However, while purchasing wooden furniture online, just make sure that it is an authentic site and do read its ratings and reviews.


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