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By MONICA ALBERT 766 views

Worried about Ranking? Here’s How to Improve it

More and more businesses are turning to the Internet for their marketing and sales needs. In the developed world, this has become a norm, while the developing world is catching up to this trend. However, what has become somewhat of a dilemma is how to become noticeable in this sea of information. Every business aspires to be on the top and to be recognized far and wide. Not only do companies want to be heard, individuals like, influencers, travelers, and writers are also striving to find a way to get noticed. The best way to get found on the Internet is to improve the ranking of your webpage.

Some people opt for organic growth when it comes to ranking, while some rely on advertising and promoting their content through paid campaigns that in turn improve the ranking of their site. Do not fret if your page is not getting a hit in the search results. There are multiple ways that can help you improve your search engine ranking.

Loading Speed

The speed at which your page loads greatly influences your ranking. Your site ranking can increase or plummet just based on the amount of time it takes for the page to load. If you aim to be in the top search results and you wish for users to stay and navigate through your webpage, then make sure the page loads quickly. If the loading speed is more than 2 seconds, your site will be ranked much lower on the search engine in comparison to websites that load in 1-2 seconds. So, no matter how great your content is, and how relevant your keywords are, if the loading speed of your page is slow, your ranking will suffer. Free online software is available that can help you check and maintain the speed of your website.

Relevant Page Content

The content you upload on your page should be relevant. If you are promoting traveling services on your webpage, it should not have content about music or restaurants. It’s irrelevant and can put off a user who visits your site to look for information regarding traveling. If your website has been registered on the Internet for traveling; it would get more hits if the content published there is related to traveling, whether it is in the form of a blog or lodging services. However, if it does not feature relevant content, search engine algorithms will recognize that and will rank your site much lower when any traveling query is put in.

Make Content Easier to Process

Whether it is blog articles or service information, the content you publish on your site must be easily readable and should be user-friendly. If all the information has been squeezed in together with no headings, numbering, or bullets, it will be challenging to identify relevant information. The content must be broken down into headings, include related images, and should not have difficult vocabulary unless your target audience is academia. Moreover, the webpage interface should be user-friendly in addition to being aesthetically pleasing so that more visitors frequent your webpage, thus contributing to an improvement in ranking.

Use Authoritative Outbound Sources/Links

To lend authenticity to your page and content, try adding outbound links to authoritative sources whenever possible. If you back up the claims included on your webpage with information from relevant, trustworthy sites, data or people, your content and subsequently page will get more hits. Instead of adding “click here” to redirect towards the source, adding keywords that link to that source will further validate your source and increase your webpage ranking.

Adding Relevant Keywords

A practical and great way to improve your search engine ranking is the addition of relevant keywords. Long tail keywords instead of a single word that serves as a keyword contribute more towards improvement in the ranking of your webpage. Software is available online that can help you in searching for keywords relevant to the service you provide and the content on your webpage.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is all about optimizing those services that will help you in improving your ranking. If you get a good grasp on SEO, you can also outsource your SEO services to help boost the webpage ranking. As an SEO expert, you can provide guidance relevant to a webpage. If you are clueless about what to do to improve your ranking, hire an SEO expert who will instruct you on what to do or will do the necessary tasks for you at a service charge.

Mobile Friendly Site

The site whose ranking you want to improve must be mobile friendly. More and more users have turned towards mobile devices to access the Internet. So, for an improved ranking, it is imperative that your site has a mobile friendly version as well. The search engine algorithms recognize this and rank the sites, accordingly.

Know your Ranking

You should know your webpage ranking before you work on improving it. If you know where you stand, then you will know which areas you need to work on to improve the ranking of your webpage on the Internet.

Update Content Regularly

Search engine algorithms recognize if your content is updated regularly or not and ranks your website accordingly. If your content is frequently revised, then your ranking will automatically improve.

Use Infographics

Infographics on a webpage are a great way to grab the attention of a user. This method provides much information in a fun, concise, and informative way. The increase in the frequency of visitors, due to the addition of infographics on the webpage, will improve the ranking. Additionally, such images also come up in the images tab of search engine results contributing to the search engine ranking of your webpage.

Social Media

It is the age of social media. You must have an active social media presence if you wish to be heard, known, and be successful. Social media is the tool that helps you reach your target audience, and your target audience is what will help you improve your ranking.

There is no one standard way to improve your ranking. You have to try out a few things before you start seeing the results. One thing, however, is a must; you should not be careless with the upkeep of your site. You should stay abreast of the latest trends, innovations, and upgrades to make sure your website is not lost in the ocean that is the Internet.

Monica Albert

Monica Albert is a passionate and creative blogger who loves to write on traveling Fashion and relationships. Her writings are focused on prevailing topics and her long term vision is to empower youth in making their decisions.