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You Season 4
By GRACIE HART 504 views

You Season 4: Cast, Release Date, & Other Important Details

Are you a die-hard fan of the American series?  Do you love watching thriller TV series? Looking for the best TV series to binge-watch to make the most of your weekend? If yes, consider watching You Season 4. You Season 4 is one of the best American psychological thriller television series that is gaining immense love from the audience. Everything from an interesting story to a talented cast, and thriller and suspense plot are making the fourth season of the famous and successful TV series “You” a must-watch.

That’s not all! There is a lot more about this TV series that can compel you to watch this Netflix series on your weekend. However, before we dive deeper and talk about You Season 4, let’s know about the You TV series in the first place. 

So, without further discussion, let’s get into the details of You (TV series).

An Overview Of You (TV series)

Developed by two creative and intelligent minds, Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble, You is a famous and fan-favorite American psychological thriller TV series. The story of the series is inspired by the novels named You, Hidden Bodies, and You Love Me by Caroline Kepnes who is a successful and celebrated American author, writer, and screenwriter. The series has a total of four seasons discussed below.

First Season: Released on Lifetime network on September 9, 2018, the story of the first season is based on the novel named You. The first season of the series moves around the story of Joe Goldberg who works as a bookstore manager and becomes a serial killer after falling in love and developing an extreme obsession. The role of Joe Goldberg has been portrayed by Penn Badgley, a well-known American actor. Some of the other talented actors featured in the first season of the series are Elizabeth Lail, Zach Cherry, and Luca Padovan to name a few.

Second Season: Released on Netflix on December 26, 2019, the story of the second season of You is based on the novel Hidden Bodies. As per the story of the second season, Joe shifts to Los Angeles and develops intense love feelings for Love Quinn, a local heiress. In the second season of the show, many new faces have joined the league, including James Scully, Victoria Pedretti, Jenna Ortega, and many more.

Third Season: It was on October 15, 2021, when the third season of the You series premiered on the famous OTT platform, Netflix. Some of the new cast members who became the part of series, included Shalita Grant, Travis Van Winkle, Dylan Arnold, and Tati Gabrielle. 

Fourth Season: It was in October 2021, ahead of the premier of the third season when You season 4 was renewed. Later, the fourth season premiered in two parts separately: one on February 9 and the other on March 9, 2023, on Netflix. Let’s get to know about You season 4 in detail.

All About You Season 4

Available on Netflix, You Season 4 was released into two five-episode parts, with the Ist part premiered on 9th February and the 2nd part on 9th March 2023. The shooting of the series started on 22nd March 2022 in the UK and ended on August 27. Some of the main cast members of the series are

  • Penn Badgley is playing the role of Joe Goldberg who is a university professor and a serial killer
  • Tati Gabrielle is playing the role of Marienne Bellamy who is immensely loved by Joe
  • Charlotte Ritchie is playing the role of Kate Galvin who is serving as a gallery manager in whom Joe takes an interest
  • Tilly Keeper is playing the role of Lady Phoebe who belongs to an aristocratic family
  • Amy-Leigh Hickman is playing the role of Nadia Farran, a literature major in Joe’s class

Apart from the above, some other famous and talented cast members include Lukas Gage, Stephen Hagan, Adam James, and many more.

Plot Of You Season 4

If you remember, the 3rd season of the series ended with Joe Goldberg faking his death after killing his wife Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti). In the third season, Joe flew to Paris to find his new love interest, Marienne (Tati Gabrielle). The serial killer bookstore manager turned college professor murdered everyone from his wife to girlfriends, and neighbors. Despite being a serial killer, Joe has tried his best to maintain the good boy image.

But hopefully, season four will bring out the real face of Joe. At the season’s end, it will be shown that Joe will return to New York with Kate who will make Joe look like the victim who escaped Love, thus rehabilitating his public image.

Closing Words

The fourth season of the You series is available on Netflix. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab a bucket full of popcorn and enjoy watching this thriller series.  

Gracie Hart

Freelance Writer, Digital Marketer, and Content Writer