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Scrum Master Certification
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The 5 Best Scrum Master Certifications of 2022

Scrum is one of the most extensively used project management frameworks. Being widely popular as the best Agile methodologies, Scrum is broadly used majorly by software developers, and likewise can be used in any industry. Organizations implementing the Scrum framework enjoy benefits like enhanced productivity, higher product quality, minimized risks, and productive team members.

The Scrum framework primarily involves three primary key roles which involve a product owner, a development team, and most importantly a Scrum Master. Professionals aspiring to become Scrum leaders often seek employment opportunities as certified product owners or Scrum Master so that they are able to lead their team efficiently and gain success. And in case you are one among them, why don’t you go for a Scrum Master certification?

Why Should One Earn a ScrumMaster Certification?

You can benefit abundantly from earning a Scrum Master certification. Firstly, with this certification, you gain the required knowledge for leading a team towards success. Furthermore, the top companies seeking to take the benefit of Scrum are looking for capable Product owners and Scrum Masters to fill in the vacant positions. Looking at the demand of Scrum professionals, therefore, gaining a Scrum Master certification will help you to gain a competitive advantage over your peers and strengthen your position in the present organization.

Best 5 Scrum Master Certification

Here we have explained the best five Scrum Master Certifications that you can consider to have a flourishing career ahead.

Certified ScrumMaster

Certified ScrumMaster or commonly known as CSM certification is the highest level of Scrum certification administered by Scrum Alliance in the field of product development. Certified Scrum professionals guide their team in enhancing the application of Scrum and Agile principles. For upgrading your Scrum skills and becoming a proficient Scrum Master, taking up the CSP certification will definitely be a great career move. With this certification, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the Scrum framework and understand the accountabilities of teams, and events, and also know training your team on implementing Scrum. It is regarded as the gold-standard certification that allows candidates to have an interactive as well as an engaging learning experience. The CSM classes are delivered by highly experienced tutors and can be customized at your convenience. The training in CSM equips you with the necessary knowledge and skills to become a proficient Scrum professional. Upon gaining the required knowledge, you will be required to take the CSM certification exam to demonstrate your expertise in the Scrum domain.

Professional Scrum Master certification by Scrum.org

The Professional Scrum Master certification or PSM certification is a highly interactive course based on activities that allow professionals to attain an in-depth knowledge of professional Scrum and the roles and responsibilities of a Scrum Master. The PSM certification is offered at three different levels which include PSM I, PSM II, and PSM III.

The PSM I is a beginner-level certification that tests the basic Scrum knowledge of candidates, understanding of Scrum values, and knowledge about the Scrum pillars. IT professionals seeking a serious career as a Scrum Master must complete the PSM I certification as the bare minimum requirement.

And the PSM II certification checks the candidate’s knowledge of Scrum-based methods and applications. Professionals with PSM II certification are expected to know how to guide a team of developers, produce Scrum artifacts, and perform daily important Scrum activities like daily stand-ups and sprint retrospectives. 

And lastly, comes the PSM III certification which is the most advanced form of PSM certification. This certification tests the ability of developers to use Scrum for solving complex issues and approaching challenges from the perspective of a product owner and a Scrum developer. The PSM III certification exam is a bit different from the other two exams as it comprises short essay-type questions in addition to objective-type questions.

Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)

Product owners play a special and very demanding role in a team. A product owner takes important decisions on what teams will be creating next for delivering value to customers. A Certified Scrum Product Owner or CSPO certification allows you to learn about the Scrum framework, principles, and values that make Scrum successful and the important skills and tools required by Scrum Masters to be effective.

With this certification, you will gain expertise in catering to the needs of different stakeholders, gain hands-on experience in developing a product vision and learn about various approaches you can use to know your customers better which will help you to take action in the best interest of your organization. This certification by Scrumalliance is one of the most recognized product owner certifications in the market that helps you gain the most in-demand skills of a product owner and fetch your dream job.

Jira Certification

A proficient Scrum master, in addition to a deep understanding of the Scrum guide, requires to have a profound knowledge of standard industry tools for conveying the developments of the team to the stakeholders, business heads, and Scrum developers. To achieve this, most renowned organizations are using the Jira tool of Atlassian for managing a software development team. Jira helps Scrum masters in planning sprints, measuring the development speed, updating Kanban boards, assigning bug tickets to developers to fix issues at the earliest and even merging feature branches present in GitHub.

Furthermore, Jira helps Scrum masters to maintain transparency as they can anytime login to the tool and check the advancements of the ongoing Sprints. The certification is considered one of the best Scrum Master certifications as it helps in demonstrating one’s ability to create and maintain a healthy Jira cloud base for efficiently managing projects of varying sizes.

Disciplined Agile® Scrum Master (DASM) Certification

Disciplined Agile Scrum Master or DASM certification is administered by the well-renowned PMI institute. With DSM certification you get equipped with skills to effectively manage and lead agile teams, therefore securing your career in the market where Agile is gaining popularity like never before. The DASM certification allows you to extensively practice SAFe, Kanban, and Scrum. This certification will strengthen your knowledge and grow your expertise in applying Agile and Scrum methodologies.

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