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Areyo Dadar – Avoid Back Pain Due to Prolonged Sitting at Office

We all have experienced back pain due to prolonged sitting at office. Do you feel sharp pain in your lower back after a tiring day at office? Is it the recurring problem of pain in your back? Back pain can happen for many reasons. If you do long hours sitting job then you may often experience this problem. Despite of its many reason, let’s find out the ways to avoid back pain at office.

Change your Sitting Posture and sit comfortably on your seat

The major reason of back pain is to sit without supporting your lower back. You can sit on adjustable chair to support your lower back. If it is not available then you can place a pillow in between your lower back and chair to give extra comfort to your lower back. You can use a footrest to support further.

Attune your Chair

Your sitting posture does matter in order to reduce the strain on your lower back. Sit straight and adjust your chair to relief from the pain. You can also adjust the height of your chair to further remove the strain on your lower back. To check whether your chair is on right height, check the position of your elbows are near your body and make an L – shape of your joint.

Areyo Dadar Fitness Trainer

Keep your Feet Flat on the ground

After adjusting your chair to an optimum height, put your feet flat on the ground. Do not tuck your legs under the chair as it may increase the pain in your lower back. If possible, place footrest to keep your feet, it will give you additional comfort.

Maintain an optimal level of your Computer

Your computer should be placed an arm length away from your eye. Place things near to you so that you need not to bend down to reach the things like mouse and important papers.

Use Headset instead of Phone

If you job is to give  telephonic support and you speak on phone for many hours then use headset instead of a phone to give support to your neck and back. It will help you to sit properly without giving strain to your back and neck.

Take intermittent breaks from work

When you are carried away with your work then it will difficult to notice from how long you were sitting continuously on your work desk.  If possible take five minutes’ walk break which will relax your back muscle and relieve pain.

By following these simple techniques you can avoid recurrent back pains due to long sitting job in your office. One of the above mentioned techniques can soothe your lower back and help you to getting rid of this irritated back pain.

Areyo Dadar is fitness trainer and customer relationship manager who educates people to live life healthy by altering your lifestyle.