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Technology has greatly impacted our life. The Internet has taken the large portion of our time and absorbed the task of organizing the things for us.  We are so used to our electronic devices that we can’t even think a single moment without their use. Social media has taken a toll on our waking life. If at any point of time you make your mind get disconnected from all of your electronic devices, messaging and social media, try out these simple techniques to feel more  directly connected to the family and friends.

1. Designing a Blissful environment in your Home.

  • Move your Computer to a dedicated room so that your bedroom and another room should be avoided from electronics. By following this practice, you will feel relaxed and stress-free when sitting with your family in other rooms.
  • Leave your Charger into the computer room. When a device needs to be charged, it should be charged in the computer room so that vibrations and sound from charging device can interrupt your calm experience.
  • Keep away your TV, Tablet, and mobile from your bedroom.  The blue light caused irruption in the sleeping habits. People do not get enough sleep due to the disturbance caused by these electronic gadgets.
  • Sometimes it’s good to go beyond your daily routine. Switch off your alarms on a weekend. Get a good sleep at least on weekends.  If you do not get enough sleep then you surely will be getting engage with your electronics for one hour before sleeping. Those who take 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day are more relaxed and healthy. Lack of sleep can cause poor immune system and increase anxiety.
  • You can use an online timer, to remind you the time you spend on the internet.

2. Planning Non-Digital Activities

  • Take a Sauna or Steam Bath to relax. You can enjoy hot tub bath at home, dim the lights and play soft music.
  • Call some old friends for reunion and plan outside barbecue.
  • You can join a sports club, yoga classes or other group activity to enjoy being with yourself totally.
  • Choose a day of solitude and inform your family or friends about that you do not have your mobile phone with you.
  • Start thinking of your hobbies that you can do in or outside the house. If you can’t name two hobbies for each place then surely the internet has taken the place of creativity and stress relief things.
  • Most important is to plan two-week vacations once in a year to rejuvenate yourself. Take a break from your monotonous routine. Plan your vacations well in advance.

Above mentioned simple tips and techniques by Narendra Singh Plaha that can prove the best buddies for you to disconnect from the electronics and live the beauty of life in true aspect.

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