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Punching a Bag

Boxing Punching Bag Straps are Broken. Here is How to Fix it

The boxing equipment, like a punching bag and punching gloves that are mostly used in training, is very dear to a boxer. They develop an attachment with their daily use of boxing equipment over time. Therefore, if your punching bag gets damaged and you’re not able to use it anymore, it is something that you must be concerned about. It not only hinders your boxing practice but also means you have to buy new equipment that might be heavy in your pocket. The best solution is to mend your boxing equipment and make it be able to use.

Broken Straps of a Boxing Punching Bag:

Most of the time, in the case of a boxing punching bag, it is the straps that break first. The straps bear all the weight and are under tension most of the time, so it is likely to break them while the rest of the bag is quite new. However, you should not worry about broken straps because there are a number of ways in which you can make the punching bag useful. Following are a few quick-fix ideas that you can use to fix the broken strap of your punching bag.

Look For A Cobbler:

Cobblers have the skill to mend even the most impossible pieces, so why not a broken strap? They have a variety of threads that have a huge range of strength. Choose a strong thread that can bear the surface tension and get the broken strap stitched back with overlapping stitches.


You can utilize a piece of leather as a ligature and join the two broken pieces together. You might use superglue or stitching to stick the ligature to the strap. However, it might lead to the lowering of your punching bag as it elongates the strap. Therefore, one must keep the length of the ligature in accordance with the need for the height of the punching bag.

Claim At The Boxing Store:

Another great idea is to take the punching bag to the sports store from where it was bought. If they provide a warranty, that’s well and good, but also, if your punching bag doesn’t have a warrant, they must have a way to fix the broken strap. Also, they might be able to replace your broken strap with a new one.

Look For A New Strap:

You can easily find a new strap for your punching bag from Amazon, Exim Fast, or any other sports store. Just pick up a strap that goes with your punching, attach it to your punching bag yourself, and you’re good to go.

Use The Punching Bag For Other Purposes:

Now because of the broken strap, you cannot use the bag as a hanging punching bag, but you can still use it as a weight in different exercises of your training. You can use it as a grappling dummy and pound it to practice your MMA skills.

Replace The Strap With A Chain:

The best way is to replace the broken bag with a good quality chain. It is a more sturdy and long-lasting fix. Adjust the length of the chain according to the strap and attach it to the punching bag, and that’s it. You won’t have to worry about losing or breaking the strap again because come on, it is not likely that you break a chain every other day.


You must invest in good quality boxing equipment no matter if it is a little costly. It saves up a great deal of money and time in the long run. You don’t have to buy the equipment again and again, and this one-time investment lasts you for a long time.

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