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brand management
By RAEF LAWSON 1,660 views

Brand Management – 5 Simple and Effective Principles

In this modern era, a brand is everything. People recognize your product or services through the brand. Nowadays, a wide range of products is accessible for everyone. Hence, brand management is necessary for businesses says, Raef Lawson.

In fact, top brands do not spend a huge amount of money on branding. Instead of this, they utilize different strategies of brand management in order to expand their brand in a sustainable way.

What is Brand Management?

It is the scrutiny and planning on how a particular brand is perceived in the niche. This is important to build a good relationship with target market for brand management. It is one of the aspects of marketing which use different techniques to enhance the value of a product.

Based on the marketing method used, brand supervision will upsurge the value products. So, how to get started on crafting and cultivating your brand. Here are five simple as well as effective brand management principles you should focus on:

Leverage Your Unique Selling Proposition

Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is what set you apart from competitor’s emphasis Raef Lawson. In order to find your business unique selling proposition, you should comprehend following things:

  • Where your products or services fit into the market.
  • What factor make your product unique from competitors.
  • Is it durable or cost-effective?
  • How you brand is different.

Consider the above factors and define your unique selling proposition. Leverage it by creating an attractive message and use it as the backbone of your advertising activities.

brand management

Use Marcom to Thrust Brand Awareness

Use the unique selling proposition message to promote your brand. Make sure every advertising action i.e. implicit or explicit, promote brand awareness. It is essential for an effective brand management.

Raef Lawson suggests that you have to effectively advertise your brand by picking the appropriate medium and means. Be an innovative leader and use the brand as calling card in your message.

Grow Your Brand Internally

While evolving your brand do it collaboratively. Moreover, getting buy-in from external stakeholders help you to incorporate others view into the brand which you may have ignored. Actually, all the workforces are brand diplomats.

Hence, you should get purchase in from the whole organization in order to interconnect your brand efficiently. In fact, the internal adoption is vital for preserving brand consistency. You have to make sure all the department effectually represents the brand in all communication with consumers, suppliers and partners.

Use Influencers to Market Your Brand    

Using influencers is a great way to market your brand, Raef Lawson said. It is actually challenging to establish and maintain a good relationship with an influencer. However, a regular communication is a key to maintain a beneficial partnership. You can communicate with influencers over social media, events and webinars.

Maintain Brand consistency

With the time product or processes changes, but the brand never changes. It is difficult to manage visual elements that signify your brand. Therefore, you should use the images, videos, logos and colour scheme constantly.


Brand management not only affect the firm outwardly but it also has an enormous impact on inside insight of the company. Hence, you should follow the above-given tips by Raef Lawson to manage your brand effectively.

Raef Lawson

Raef Lawson is Chief Marketing Officer at Greene Media Lab, with responsibility for marketing programs, brand management, and corporate sponsorship. Prior to joining Greene Media Lab, he worked in strategic business development and finance at several companies, and served in staff positions in federal government.