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budgeting for landscaping
By AMANDA MILLS 2,114 views

The Art of Budgeting for Landscaping in Construction Projects

Maximizing the landscaping budget has become a piece of cake. It is no longer a challenging task. It is believed that a home that lacks landscaping is just like an incomplete piece of art. No wonder, landscaping increases the home value and multiplies its overall appeal to whoever sees it.

The landscaping budget varies but there is this general rule of thumb that one should spend 5% to 10% of the total value of their home. A professional can better help you out regarding how to plan out a budget as well as weigh costs vs. benefits with respect to each element in the landscape plan.

Rule 1: Know Exactly What You Want- Clearly Set your Goals and Budget Range

One of the golden rules concerning maximizing landscaping budget! It is to determine beforehand what exactly you want. Get answers to questions like what kind of landscaping you want to showcase. What budget do you have? What design and layout do you have roughly in your mind?

Write down all these questions, set clear goals, and then craft a plan that how you will achieve all of these. It is better to collect pictures and do a search earlier. This way, you can get clarity on what kind of landscaping design you wish to see in real. Furthermore, think about the budget plan roughly. A pre-determined budget range helps design professionals to choose only the design layout and materials that syncs with your budget range.

Rule 2: Hire a Professional Landscape Architect

Hiring a professional remains a must because he is the one that truly knows how to master the art of landscaping budgeting. Experts come up with the best landscape plans and give their 100% to keep your home outdoor scape an impressive looking one.

So, look for pro landscape architects to design this respective outdoor space. It is assured that their laid-out design and overall concept will blend well with the rest of your home architecture theme.

Only expert landscape architects know how to create an outdoor space extraordinarily. Moreover, they can comprehensively guide you on how to achieve your set goals in a cost-effective manner.

Rule 3: Prioritize, Prioritize, and Prioritize!

Prioritizing is key if you really want to learn the art of landscaping budgeting. You need to decide beforehand which elements are of supreme importance for your outdoor space and which elements can be tackled later on!

Determine ahead of time whether patio design matters more for you or the large planting beds. Decide in advance whether the backyard or front yard foundation should be laid down.

Generally, homeowners get done with the front foundation landscaping initially and a large part of budgeting goes over here.

Rule 4: Consider Which Outdoor Elements will Yield the Best Returns

You must carefully and wisely decide which outdoor elements will give you the maximum return on investment. For example, setting up a new patio with an exclusive-looking outdoor fireplace promises a high return value. Furthermore, having an outdoor kitchen, outdoor fireplace, and deck boosts the home value and consistently multiplies its appeal.

Outdoor kitchens have become a hot and very buzzing trend this year. The final landscaping budget depends on what kind of kitchen you wish to set up in the outdoor space. Similarly, outdoor fireplaces, patios, and decks seem to be one of the best investments a homeowner should make. These elements pledge to give a sizeable return on investment and demand minimal investment.

Rule 5: Opt for the ‘’Substitute Approach’’

Opting for the ‘’substitute approach’’- is the last rule that makes you perfectly learn the art of maximizing your landscaping budget. In this approach, what you need to do is to substitute expensive elements with less expensive ones. This way, you can achieve what you have exactly envisioned meanwhile sticking with your budget range as well.

For example, if you have wished for a large patio, according to the owner of estimating company, the difference in overall cost lies in what materials you use! The cost will definitely vary if you choose poured concrete and cut bluestone. Read more about concrete estimating and related costs. Moreover, the budget-friendly and mid-level cost materials are stamped concrete or concrete pavers. Thus, decide in advance which material to pick.

Rule 6: Buy the Landscaping Materials in Bulk

It is always a smart move to buy landscaping materials in bulk rather than buying them in bits and pieces. Make a proper list that includes every single item from A to Z and purchase them from your trusted local supplier on a priority basis. Buying in bulk reduces costs and the supplier might offer you a huge discount.

Thus, that is all about the art of landscaping budgeting. We hope the above-mentioned rules will work for every homeowner. They certainly sound great and practical and save a lot of your bucks. Stay connected!

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