What comes to your mind when you think of a sports career? Probably a sportsperson or a job related to selling tickets. Many people have a misconception that the sports industry only encompasses typical jobs. However, this is not true. Today, this field has grown highly competitive.

Are you a die-hard sports fan but lack the skills that can get you to play on the field? Do you wish to be a part of the sports world? Here is the good news. You can still join this huge business by jumpstarting your career in sports management. However, being a sports fanatic isn’t enough. It is vital to acquire proper academic qualifications to turn your passion into a full-time job.

If you have both; sound business knowledge and a great passion for sports, then a sports management degree might be your ideal choice. You can either be your own master or work with people; it’s entirely dependent on you.

Although it may seem like a winning formula, you might wonder which career choices can you have with a sports management degree. Below is the breakdown of several rewarding careers for students with sports majors:

Athletic Director

It is a behind the scene job where you can make the team reach its full potential and succeed. Acts as a backbone of the sports department; these professionals maintain a healthy relationship with team members and staff. There are times when athletic directors make difficult trade-offs and tough decisions to keep the environment competitive.

Many employers often lookout for professionals who possess advanced degrees and work experience in the related field these days. Suppose you wish to go for this career. In that case, you must earn at least a bachelor’s and then a master’s in athletic administration online to ace this field. The degree prepares all aspiring students to face any complex situation by enhancing their leadership and communication skills.

Some of the primary duties of an athletic director are:

  • Create budget plans and oversee athletic department activities
  • Recruit new staff, coaches, team players and assess the performance
  • Order the necessary equipment and maintain the safety
  • Decide the dates and timings of games with league officials

Sports Agents

If you have the zeal to promote an athlete’s talent to sponsors and negotiate deals, then you might have what it takes to be a sports agent. A sports agent finds out potential endorsers for players, comes to terms regarding fiscal policies, and cuts a deal with the parties. They have the hefty task of searching for teams willing to offer more significant amounts to the sports players. One additional perk of this career is the constant traveling. Sports agents often travel to attend sports events, business meetings, and conferences to represent the players.

On any typical day, their day-to-day responsibilities include:

  • Thoroughly understand every clause of contracts
  • Acquire new sports players and evaluate the performance
  • Build strong relationships with famous clubs and grow networks
  • Acts as mentor for the young athletes

Public Relations Manager

With the growing exposure of sports players and organizations to social media, public relations managers’ need has never been more essential. Athletes, coaches, and other sports officials wish to live a personal life that doesn’t get influenced by the paparazzi’s nagging. PR managers represent players and sports organizations and uphold their positive image, to avoid negative publicity. Also, these managers satisfy the fans’ ever-growing interests by keeping them updated with their favorite club’s latest news.

The day-to-day duties of a PR manager are:

  • Advise clients and develop marketing campaigns
  • Acts as a mediator between media outlets and sports associations
  • Schedule interviews, prepare speeches, and manage social media handles
  • Promote content for clients and evaluate the audience response
  • Develop strong connections with media persons

Event Coordinator

Sports events can generate massive amounts of revenue if executed rightly. A significant portion of hard work takes place behind closed doors to make these events a huge hit. The person responsible for organizing such events is known as the event coordinator or planner. These organizers carry heavy responsibilities to make sure everything goes smoothly and without complications. Event coordinators ensure that the spectators enjoy and have fun while attending the event.

The typical job duties include:

  • Choose sports event venues within the given budget
  • Ensure the security of players as well as the audience
  • Prepare transportation for the players to and from the hotel
  • Create a backup plan in case of emergency
  • Assign tasks to workers and monitor their performance

Sports Psychologist

Athletes suffer from emotional and mental challenges now and then. Such challenges hamper the performance and stop the players from giving their best. That’s where the role of a sports psychologist comes into the picture. These professionals address players’ societal, economic, or financial concerns and help them fight such issues. Apart from this, sports psychologists counsel players, support them, and help regain confidence after injuries.

The primary duties tasks of a sports psychologists are:

  • Assess player’s mental and physical state
  • Assist players in dealing with anxiety and stress problems
  • Provide therapy when needed

Final Words

In a nutshell, you don’t have to be a professional athlete to step your foot in the field of sports. Luckily, today, sports enthusiasts worldwide can continue their passion off-field, too. With a sports management degree, you will be open to a world of opportunities. From working in a diverse environment to high earning potential, sports management careers can offer benefits beyond your imagination. Therefore, gear yourself up, hone your skills, and be a part of this energetic and entertaining field.

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