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General Tips on How to clear for CA final examinations in 1st Attempt
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General Tips on How to clear for CA final examinations in 1st Attempt

CA stands for chartered accountant and it is conducted by the Institute of chartered accountant of India. Every year Lakhs of students appear to clear the examination but only a few hundred crack it. This makes it one of the toughest examinations in the world.

More than that, this exam also takes long years to crack all the phases. But at the same time, it is very easy when you follow proper guidelines and knowledge paths. Since the starting of the examination, lakhs of students have already cracked this examination in their 1st attempt. Here we are providing some tips for cracking it on 1st attempt.

1. Choose the mode of study carefully: – There are thousands of coaching institutes that provide a class of ca examination. But do not jump it all of a sudden. Take some time before deciding on proper coaching institutes. However, we suggest you go for a pen drive or online classes. These two modes of studying give more freedom and flexibility. Here students can study anytime and anywhere. Websites like Edugyan offer quality pen drive classes for all levels of CA examination. Just create an ID and log in through it.

Choose your teacher and their pen drive classes and buy it. Within a week, Edugyan will deliver your pen driving contain all the purchased items along with how to use it manually at your doorstep. You just need to plug the pen drive and your study start. Even you can study from remote locations too.

2. Focus on CPT: – CPT is like a backbone or base of CA examination. If you too are willing to crack CA in the first attempt then seriously focus on CPT. Good marks in CPT set targets for IPCC. A good score in CPT also improves the morale and confidence of students and chances of qualification at first attempt increases many folds.

3. Educate yourself with the proper pattern: – It is worthless to study when you do not have any idea about the pattern. Before starting the preparation devout sometimes on understanding the pattern. Download the syllabus of the examination from the official websites of ICAI and read it carefully. Alternatively, you may buy previous year’s paper from online stores like Edugyan to have in-depth knowledge about examination patterns. Understanding syllabus and pattern means your preparation is complete by more than 10 percent.

4. Be away from negativity: – Positive and negative are two sides of the same coin. Positive people always talk about the positive sides of the examination and negative people always talk about negativity. As a student who is going first time for the CA examination, discussing the syllabus or CA examination with negative people hampers the cracking probability.

5. Divide your long goals into different sections: – Divide the examination into 3 sections, A, B, and C. This division is all up to you. But here are some tips on how to divide it. The first section, take covers very important chapters that cover more and more questions in the examination. In section B, covers the opportunities area. Here you may include hard chapters where you feel uncomfortable in scoring more. In the third section, keep all the other chapters. Give more focus on A to maintain the momentum and at the same time devout some time for B to change this opportunity section into strength.

6. Follow proper planning: – Setting up daily, weekly, monthly goals is important. Plan your study based on goals. And try to achieve your goals without any fail. Before studying a new chapter, revise the already studied chapter. Do not much time to revise. Just have a look and recall all the main points. The revision also helps in understanding the new chapter with much ease.

7. Do not ignore your health: – Study is important but health is too. Do not take too much stress because hard work may lead to bad health and illness. Not feeling well is the worst enemy of any student. Plan your daily so well that you have enough time to do some work out of any sorts like running, cycling, walking, gyming, yoga, swimming, etc.

Conclusions: – You can do it and you must do it. Believe in these lines. Nothing is impossible in this world. Just follow the mentioned tips and keep working hard to crack the CA examination on the first attempt.

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