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By DOMINICK ROY 4,811 views

Concrete Leveling and Lifting Services: Damage Free Property

The universality between all properties is that they stand on the Earth. The surface of which is customized based on different needs. It is significant that the flooring of a property is sturdy. Concrete leveling and lifting services are all about ensuring that and repairing them on time.  

An Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Concrete leveling and lifting services identify issues with your property at its crux and fix them. Thereby, it ensures safety and saves you tons of money spent on reconstruction or worse lawsuits. The services differ based on the type of properties. Following are some of the services for different properties.  

For Commercial Properties

Commercial Slab Lifting

A plentitude of people and machines working in commercial spaces. The floor must be leveled and firm. Failure, due to various factors such as moisture, overload, etc, can be hazardous. Traditional concrete replacement involves downtime and exorbitant costs. On contrary, poly jacking is an economic, versatile and durable solution. High-density polyurethane foam is injected to lift and level them.

Injection Grouting method 

Injection Grouting is used to fill the voids, surface defects, cracks in concrete. The grouting approach is performed by boring holes into the affected area and injecting a high-density polyurethane chemical grout. Once it has been injected, it begins to bind and compact the soil. This method stabilizes and repairs your commercial floor effectively.

For Industrial Properties

Floor Repair and Joint Protection

Spalling of industrial floors, due to heavy activities, is hazardous. Moisture seeps into it and causes even more damage. To avoid this, floor repair at affected areas and joint protection are imperative to ensure durability and longevity. Spalling repairs are done using polymer resin-infused mortar. Joint protection is done by stabilization using Joint epoxy and polyurea joint fillers.  

Industrial Waterproofing

Moisture and water infiltration are detrimental. They damage your buildings and your business – in terms of downtime. Industrial Waterproofing can help you avoid it. Depending on your structure and infiltration, waterproofing is done by multiple techniques such as injection grouting, surface sealing, etc. using polyurethane. This can substantially increase your structural strength and protection.

Loading Dock Repair

Loading docks bear heavy loads with raw materials, equipment, and products moving in and out. The slabs can sink or settle due to overloading or water channel run-offs or improper soil compaction. The best solution is to use polyurethane grout to fill and restore the slabs. The grout is lightweight and waterproof, thus improving the endurance of the dock. 

For Residential Properties

Concrete Raising 

Driveways, pathways, floor slabs, etc. are usually made of concrete slabs. They can crack or sink due to water infiltration, poor compaction of soil, and various other reasons.  Everyone can’t afford to demolish and replace them. Concrete raising using poly jacking is a quick and good alternative. Polyurethane expands and settles within 10 mins, unaffecting your routines. 

Concrete Caulking 

Caulking refers to repairing the cracks and spalls. Every concrete structure, apart from the look, is sometimes part of the foundation or might even be the primary support for your home. Just like raising, concrete caulking can also be done by poly jacking. Polyurethane foam, known for its high adhesion, is used to fill the cracks and ensure structural integrity.

Foundation Repair 

Have you noticed those cracks on the walls and floors of your home? If so, why did you disregard it? Often, minute cracks develop into a humungous issue with time. Various factors can cause structural and non-structural cracks in your home. The solution is to go for foundation repair services that can ensure the longevity of your home. 

Sidewalk Repair

Ever had the experience of stumbling on a sidewalk because it was unlevelled? Unlevelled sidewalk comes under property neglect and owners are liable for the incident. Improper grading, lack of caulking, gutter runoff, etc. might be the cause. The solution is poly jacking, which involves using polyurethane foam to level the surface. It is cost-efficient and quicker than other processes.

Driveway Repair

Overload from vehicles, soil erosion, water accumulation, etc. can crack your driveways. If left unattended, the entire driveway might sink or collapse. Polyjacking your driveway is the most economical solution rather than rebuilding it entirely. Additional resurfacing can also be done to make the driveway more neat and smooth. 

Basement Waterproofing 

Moisture content in the basement puts your possessions and your health at risk. It causes mold growth and increases load on your HVAC. Polyurethane foam can be used to close the leakage and completely waterproof your basement. Additionally, it can increase your living space. Didn’t you have the plan for the integrated workspace and gaming room? 

Patio Repair Services  

People spend a long time, barbequeing and relaxing, in their patios than inside. Concrete patios are durable, but with time they crack, bowl or sink. Fixing it immediately, rather than waiting for it to get worse, is smarter. Or it might not be cost-effective to inject as opposed to rebuilding it. The use of polyurethane is efficient, quick and less disruptive for your business.  

Seawall Repair Services  

Seawalls are structures around homes in the ocean and waterfront areas. It is used to prevent the loss of land due to wave action and erosion. However, damages are caused by high waves, rising water levels, storms, etc. Repairing them using polyurethane resin has many advantages. It fills the voids without adding much weight and creates a watertight barrier, thus improving its life. 

Be it commercial, industrial, or residential property, it is important to have a firm footing (both literally and figuratively). And occasionally repairs and maintenance are necessary to maintain it. Using the latest methods such as polyjacking can be beneficial in terms of cost, lesser downtime and effectiveness. As a business or property owner, ensure that you choose the right and the best concrete stabilization service provider.

Dominick roy