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Future of Mental Health

Connie Lynn Culler Explains the Future of Mental Health in America

Aren’t we all aware of the increased leap in changing mental and psychological health across the globe? In a chaotic world of COVID-19 standards, Connie Lynn Culler uplifts the sensitive topic, ‘Peace of Mind’. It is one such topic, which should get more spotlight. In the current scenario, people have suffered from economic crisis, solitude, idleness. All these lead to several health issues like depression, anxiety, and much more. Everything all together has caused a massive strain on the human mind, globally. Which does not only affect one’s individuality and health but parallelly deteriorates one’s productivity. Mrs. Culler believes and promotes simple methods and awareness for the betterment of psychological well-being. But given all sorts of complications, exactly what we expect the future of Mental Health to be soon?

The Problems

America is one of the leading powers in the world. The country with prosperity, success, and stark authority, but what about its citizens and their mental well-being? Connie Lynn Culler draws out statistics, bolden with absurd figures which hold far deeper and bizarre prospects than simple numbers.

  • Around 16.2 million adults have been estimated to suffer from some sort of depression. Dysthymia has been recorded to affect over 1.5% of US adults and 2.8% suffer from bipolar disorder.
  • These cases give rise to a series of unfortunate consequences. Repeated absence of mind, decreased productivity, declining health, and suicide add up and make America crippled from inside. It distresses human assets and also affects the economy as a whole.
  • A lot of barriers have been imposed which don’t let a proper uprise in the well-being of Mental Health. The silver gap between scientific knowledge and social applications, fewer awareness campaigns, uncooperative health facilities, and substandard data management.

Factors to Improve the Scenario 

When we know the problems, it becomes easier to tackle those and find solutions. Connie Lynn Culler points out some significant small details which can turntable in the future.

  1. Government and Employer interventions

The US government, if it invests more in mental health improvement, the problem is reduced to a great extent. It would ensure popularised social awareness, better health facilities, and healthier working conditions.

  1. Technological Advancements

Researchers would be able to detect and understand the underlying pathologies and propose a better treatment. It should also look at the financial feasibility of the patient and invent cost-effective remedies.

  1. Data analysis

The finer data-sharing process and well-perceived health facilitators and even the patients would make it easier for better mental health in America.

  1. Consumer Empowerment

Due to the improvement in other fields, the consumers would be entitled to better treatment than before and more willing to get the services than the present.


The rate of mental health has shown a radical change in America, in the past years. But it is allegedly supposed to change its course in the future. While looking at the records and present statistics, Connie Lynn Culler well traced the extent of this issue. She subjected it to a broader study field. The future generations would have access to enhanced technological innovations, accurate data analytics, upgraded socio-ethical settings. It enhances mental health, it is also likely to boost their productivity, improve their health and shape better individuals.

Connie Lynn Culler

Connie Lynn Culler is always thrilled to elevate humanity to spark, share, and sustain well-being. Helps people to get to know the true self and be aware of the inner self too.