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Websites are an important part of the business. So much so that website design services, are in itself a booming industry. Following are some examples of Website design services software:

  • WIX
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal

Host services providers such as GoDaddy, provide in-house web design for their clients. Web design today can be done with any knowledge of coding. Making it so easy even a child could build a website, although web design layouts and website building services are very cheap and easy. Should you opt for those? If your answer is yes! Then your website will be nothing more than just another template.

Why have a Unique Web design?

While most websites follow the same old formula of a static picture, three columns, and a call for action button, pretty much the same thing with slight variations in each template, the web design layout works. It does the basic function; any website building service offers you. Provide basic information about the company, and that is it. It is nothing more than a visiting card.

Take a moment and think about it for a second. Is that enough? Would you like to see a boring same old website that is no different than the hundreds of websites you see every day?


Would you rather have a website that you enjoy? A website that does not just tell you about the company but engages you. There are many reasons as to why spend on website building services and develop a unique design. But if you are still not convinced, let us help you.

  • A site to remember

A website is not just a pamphlet for the company. It is the first point of contact for the customers. It is where your visitors decide if they want to become customers or not. And for that, you need a good first impression. Sure, visitors who are specifically looking for you will be interested regardless of anything. But we all know, in this age of consumerism. Businesses are at war with each other to get the attention of the customer. You cannot expect the customer to revisit the website and change their opinion about you. Your first impression may very well be your last impression. A unique design and interface can have a lasting impression on the customers.

  • Customized control

A function that is not present in any web building software is tailoring the website to your needs. It does not matter how many columns you need. Unless you hire a website design service or learn to code overnight, you cannot change anything in the template. Your design is dictated by the liberty of the template or the web builder software you are using.

  • Unique identity

You want your website to stand out and capture the visitor’s attention. You need to give the visitors a unique experience if you want them to become your customers. For that, you cannot rely on tricks everyone is using. The website must stand out, and to stand out; the website must be different in some sense.

Unique design provides a fresh prospect to the customer, a different light in which the customer can view the business and its functions — giving the business a unique identity for its representation of the brand and its capacities.

  • Target Acquired

Most companies spend a huge amount of money on their CRM programs, outreach, and customer acquisition programs. A unique website can do the same job at almost half the price.

Once you have an engaging customer design in place, it becomes easier to sustain the customers and follow through on the leads generated from their website. Integrate a backend data collection feature on the website, and you don’t have to worry about the ones that got away. You can easily track them and follow up to close the deal.

  • Professionals at work

A template looks fine and good. But one look and anyone can tell it is a template. Your visitors can make out the difference between a template and a unique design. And as we had established earlier in the article, even a child can customize a template. A unique customized design suggests professionals at work. It instills a sense of confidence in the customer about the company that you take your work seriously and professionally. Rather than lay back and fill in the text in a template.

How to create a unique design?

Now that we have established why we need a unique design for the website. Let us discuss how you can achieve a unique and functional website design by hiring professional web design company.

  • Reconnaissance

It is not a good idea to use the hit and trial method when it comes to customers. Throwing a design at the customers and hoping they will like it is not particularly a good idea to retain customers.

Learning from past experiences, competitors, and research may be the best course of action. Looking at the market leaders and how they work can be very helpful in avoiding basic errors that may cost the business.

  • Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome

The only certainty in life is uncertainty. Always keep in mind, things do not always go according to plan. At some point or another, a variable will throw the plan off. It is especially important for digital marketing. As even a small mistake can have a devastating effect within seconds.

Ask celebrities on twitter. How one wrong tweet, which mind you was deleted within minutes, turned them into an internet meme.

Be ready for anything. Code error, server failure, a design flaw. Have contingencies for the predictable errors. For the unpredictable ones, improvises and take them into your stride.

  • Creativity is king

Creativity is often considered as mad science. Something erratic, and that tends to know no bounds of planning and organization. But there is a way you can put it to good use.

  • Create a plan.
  • Gather your content.
  • Define what the basic requirements is.
  • Let the designers work their magic.
  • Get a Feedback from a restricted audience before launch.

Creativity can be a double-edged sword. While what you may think of genius. Others might think absurd. It does not matter how much effort you put in. What matters is how the audience perceives it.


Unique identification of the business is very often the defining variant in the market. It is how the customers associate with the business. While creativity is very important. You cannot get carried away and take too many creative liberties, going off the rails completely.

While a unique design for the website is important, you must always keep in mind what the fundamental purpose of the website is and why you make a website in the first place. It is not necessarily important what you researched and created will be well-accepted. Likewise, it is not always true; what worked for someone else will work for you as well. Every organization is unique in its core functioning. The management and employees know this. It is the customers whom you have to convince that the organization is unique and different. Unlike anything, the customers have previously encountered. A website is the best way and most efficient way to do so. Its far-reaching capacities and the centralized placement in all digital marketing functions make it adapt for the job.

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