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document management
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Top 10 Document Management Software Alternatives

Content management systems are software programs that can organize and store content for businesses. You may be in the market for a new CMS and are wondering what your options are. We will discuss the top 10 document management systems. 

CMS Systems 

Content Management Systems (CMS) do exactly that, manage content for businesses. Content may refer to both text-based documents and multimedia files. There are two main groups of markets that CMS programs cater to, web content management and document management. 

Web Content Management

Web-CMS websites assist in creating both web-based published and unpublished content. This content is used for public access. Examples of web-based content created by a CMS include blogs, information, purchasing, and other online store requirements. 

Document Management Systems

DMS or document management systems handle electronic or printed content and also document security. The public does not usually access this content. Some examples of documents that would be managed through DMS include invoices, reports, transactions, receipts, the contract review process, and other printed documents.
. Some businesses use document management systems to store these documents securely. 

Features to Consider When Choosing the Right CMS 

Depending on what you are looking for, you want to select a content management system that suits your needs. Here is a detailed list of features you may want to consider when choosing the right CMS for your company. 

  • Publishing

  • Ecommerce

  • E-Forms or Documents

  • Social Networks 

  • Intranet 

  • Image Processing

  • Digital Asset Management

  • Case Management 

  • Contract Management 

  • Business Process Management

  • Reporting and Analytics

Here are The Top 10 Most Popular CMS Systems 

These CMS systems are rated on features, price, and reviews. 

1. WordPress

WordPress is very popular and is easy to use. Popular Features of WordPress:


  • Cache plugins

  • Integrating with content delivery networks

  • Minimizing requests

Downfalls of WordPress

Users report some slow WordPress sites due to inefficient coding. Many users wish to optimize WordPress performance to ensure their sites work smoothly.

2. Docufree

Docufree provides scanning and document management based on a one-cloud platform. With seamless integration into your existing systems, Docufree can convert a variety of documents and categorize them. Documents are converted, processed, and stored into digital images, templates, and electronic formats. After being reviewed by 19 users, 10 people gave it a five-star overall rating.

Popular Features of Docufree

Documents are accessed by:

  • Emails

  • Fax

  • Scanners

  • Postal mail

  • Web forms

  • Emails

Downfalls of Docufree

Users reported it taking longer than other content management systems to get up and running. 

3. DocuXplorer

This CMS meets small and mid-sized business needs using a user-friendly interface. No technical expertise is required. Systems are current and regularly updated. 28 reviewers rated this CMS 4.32 stars out of 5. 10 people recommended this content management system. There is no free trial for DocuXplorer, and the annual cost starts at $1500.00. 

Popular Features of DocuXplorer

  • Onboarding

  • Personalized support

  • Product development 

Downfalls of DocuXplorer

Users reported not feeling aware of workflow details and alerts and were disappointed in the visual look of the program. 

4. Optix

This document management software program is simple and easy to use. Clients can easily upload documents and flexibly manage workflow to suit your business’s needs. Cloud-hosted solutions and other business applications are supported. Optix is compatible with macOS, Windows, Linux, and other programs. No free trial is available. This CMS will cost your business $36.72 per month. A rating of 4.91 stars out of 5 was given from 11 users. 

Popular Features of Optix

  • Store Content

  • Capture content

  • Secure content

  • Revise content 

  • Optimize business processes 

Downfalls of Optix

Due to it being more affordable in comparison to other CMS, some users reported having difficulty finding this system. 

5. eFileCabinet

eFileCabinet manages your documents and supports businesses of all sizes. This content management system claims to improve profitability and productivity. Using one platform and premier software, Rubex, this system is accessible via any browser or desktop. Over 860 users provided a review giving this CMS a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars and receiving 19 recommendations. Packages start at $1200.00 annually  

Popular Features of eFileCabinet

  • Workflow

  • OCR

  • File-sharing securely

  • Email importing 

  • Manages eSignature requests

Downfalls of eFileCabinet

If files are not accessed consecutively, the filing system can be difficult to use. Users report that it is best used with an internet browser rather than on your desktop. Reviewers state that it is not compatible with Gmail. 

6. Contentverse

This cloud-based CMS is compatible with desktop and mobile devices and supports both mid to large-sized businesses. Contentverse is also compatible with Microsoft Office and Word. The price is slightly less than competitors at $25.00 per month. 18 people provided reviews for Contentverse and gave it 4.06 stars out of 5.  

Popular Features of Contentverse

  • Scan files

  • Import files

  • Save files

  • Drag and drop files

  • Store and edit documents

  • Add eSignature options

  • Add annotations

  • Add public and private comments 


Downfalls of Contentverse

Users reported that they had to pay for 10 users even if they didn’t have 10 people using the system. Backup performance can be difficult with this software. 

7. ECM-X

ECM-X is a document management software system that is compatible both on-site and on the cloud. Businesses securely manage digital documents and secure document submission practices. Character recognition is offered and supports over 100 languages. This system is compatible with Microsoft office online and PDF and AutoCAD viewers. The starting price is $5000.00. Only 2 users reviewed but provided a 5-star rating.  

Popular Features of ECM-X

  • Document version controls

  • Role-based access control

  • Advanced search

  • Video streaming 

Downfalls of ECM-X

Users reported struggling with the password management tool. 

8. Canto

This digital asset management tool helps businesses organize and share their brand asset library. This system is cloud-based and supports businesses of all sizes. Canto is compatible with Adobe, Microsoft, WordPress, Slack, Twitter, and Facebook. Pricing for Canto is not available. 60 people reviewed Canto, giving it a rating of 4.52 stars out of 5. 

Popular Features of Canto

  • Manages workflow

  • Manages documents

  • Updates document versions

  • Manages approvals and comments

Downfalls of Canto

There are minimal negative reviews, but one user stated that they did not use many of the features offered by Canto. 

9. DocuWare

This cloud-based CMS supports document management and workflow solutions in both digital and paper formats. Monthly subscriptions are available, and pricing depends on the services you require. 55 people reviewed DocuWare and gave it a rating of 4.56 stars out of 5.  

Popular Features of DocuWare

  • Windows folder import functions

  • Full-text indexing

  • Barcode recognition

  • Task control

  • Deletion workflow

  • Versioning

  • Pending box

  • Flexible search functions

Downfalls of DocuWare

Users complained about the lack of support when having technical issues or needs. 

10. DocStar ECM

Serving large to mid-sized businesses, DocStar is a cloud-based and on-premise system that allows companies to upload, store and share documents in many ways. Compatible with desktops, smartphones, tablets, and printers. Out of 26 reviews, users gave it a rating of 4.35 out of 5 stars. Pricing options are not available. 

Features of DocStar ECM

  • Version control

  • User-based permission to control access to documents 

  • Software solutions 

Downfalls of DocStar ECM

Although the pricing was not accessible, users reported feeling the pricing was a bit high. 

Depending on the features you are looking for in a CMS, this list of top 10 CMS systems provides you with a bit of everything.


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