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4 PILLARS OF SOCIAL MEDIA BY AMIT RAO – VLSS are success elements that crown online social platforms surpassing all forms of print media & News Channels.

Social Media

Investing time to build connections online has monetary motives in today’s era. But when one scans for other possible outcomes, the results are the same as what we see after performing a Google search. Scope of Social networking sites is far more dynamic and does not restrict to business & connect only. Virtual SOS quite suits the current COVID-19.

Virtual SOS

In the mid-havoc epidemic of COVID-19 Social Media, roles are more of a Virtual SOS. Had the Red Dragon heeded the warning of late Dr. Li Wenliang, an Ophthalmologist at Wuhan Hospital who warned about the unknown killer virus, especially the social media post to his colleagues in the last week of December 2019, the world wouldn’t be counting bodies now. An online post has no precise eye count that it shall pass nor the time factor.

Social Media Conceptual Interpretation

Conceptual inferences last, and results are accurate whenever recalled to act upon them.

The objective of Social connect allows a person to maximize his community knots, groups, and/or with individual/s which then suffices the meaning of  Social Connect. The upgraded tech-connect enhances global reach which is wings to social media. The trending Social platforms are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Blogger, and many more.

Social Media Benefits

(i) Social Escalation Podium

With the right content and the audience, there is no limit to earning on Social media platforms. The failure in escalating commoners’ issues on-screen by the news media led the masses to rely on social platforms to voice their concerns. However, only a few major ones could impress the facilitators of justice.

For the rest, some social activists voice for them, and the grievances of the remaining lie as a post with few views and likes. 

But not an inch of doubt persists that community platforms act more of an information spreader.

E-socio platforms are welfare motivated. Another’s the tortoise-flagging. Cases long-held in judicial bodies get a push when the same virals in millions. But some cases need a second social push to cross the finishing line, like the Nirbhaya case. There is no scope for dormant participants, consistency ensures breath in the social world.

 (ii) Promotion & Marketing & Sales

The business participants here are the Electronics, Fashion, Finance, eCommerce, and Services sectors where(e-commerce plays a vital role which trends to the peak level. Amazon, Flipkart is the major eCommerce platform provider which allows free registration to place products and services facilitating buy and sell. Facebook has a fan following of its Ecommerce page of 254601120, Services has 135154034. Where can one find such a large congregation of online viewers? The other social sites options voting and survey features provide valued insights about the probable performance of a new launch. It is an opinion directly from the end user which is an essential guide that indicates their preferences.

(iii) Innovative Business Solutions

The bliss of virtual media puffed off the dusty curtain facilitating the easy identification of young entrepreneurs. The low/no investment startup business concept emerged as the young brains surfed and shared insights in business.  

(iv) Participation Commissions Products

<a> Sponsorship

When a brand pays for promoting their business online on their website or digital social platforms Instagram, Twitter, Facebook such an association is known as Sponsorship.

<b> Advertisements

Old, but still welcomes gold.

The major way adopted for monetizing on YouTube. This cash out when your Tube Channel has many subscribers, viewers for your Videos where the ad is embedded.

<c> Selling Products

Applicable if the product is placed online, e-commerce stores. Eg. Amazon, Flipkart.

<d> Affiliate Marketing

It is a commission-based earning paid by the brand for the sale made through your affiliate link. 

 Earning by Serving Content

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing (DEM) are the current subjects that businesses aspire to excel in. Regular finger taps facilitate Google Algorithm to acknowledge keywords in its routine crawls.  

<a> Blogs/Articles/Videos

What trends more are content that many eyes seek to glimpse on the web. Every business has its website and routinely upload their products/services information. These are known as blogs, or articles, or visuals.  Most content is sourced from freelancers and is paid per word charges. Less than 500 words are blogs and contents above 500+ words are articles. The pay-per-click concept works here as ads are embedded in your video and on every click you earn.

<b> Creativity Earn

Social Media is a boon to artists and content writers. Graphic designers sell their flyers, porters layouts, writers can develop content like blogging, articles.

First Choice Social Media Platforms

Opting for Social-web connect is by default the first choice as the registration is free. The only mandate it asks for us is the mobile number and/or email address. There are premium features that need to be paid for, the rest is free of cost. Some major socializing portals are Facebook, Instagram (100Mn) users, Twitter at 135 million active users & Youtube counts 1 billion active users per month. The most preferred community sites that are in demand are Facebook & YouTube. The perfect Monetization Social Media Platforms.

Business, Knowledge & Networking

There are three major utilities of Social Media platforms that further sub-sprouts depending on the user’s intentions and the nature of activity indulged in. Business, Knowledge, and Networking are factors that drive aspirants towards online social building.

Content Source that floats Online

There are 5 major Industries whose contents constitute a major share of Social Portals and eCommerce portals. They are the Ecommerce, Fashion, Services, Electronics & Financial sectors.

What free registration means–

Each mobile number and email account of yours is the price you pay for using free applications.

Nothing is floated free with welfare motive and the same is for the applications available on Google Play Store that mandates to serve mobile and email addresses to use its free application. Almost all businesses have a presence on all the trending Social Media platforms.

The scope of Social networking sites is far more dynamic and is just not restricted to business & connect. 

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I am Content writer. Since fatal bacterias and viruses colonize airborne, much precautionary adherence is in need. To digital enable the community/society, I seek to spread the Medical and Health good practices via my content feed.

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