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What to see in Nepal
By BALARAM THAPA 2,872 views

What to see in Nepal? – Top things to Experience in Nepal

Are you pondering visiting the Himalayan country of Nepal? But don’t know what to see or do! No worries. Here are the top five things to do in Nepal that will answer your question about what to see in Nepal. All the activities are top experiences that let you see the country that adorns spirit and sophistication. Without any further ado, let’s discover what to see in Nepal for a splendid vacation.

Look at the magnificent mountain ranges of Nepal

Nepal’s landscape is diverse, and there is so much beauty to see and behold. A paradise for mountain lovers, Nepal houses eight out of 14 eight-thousanders of the world, making it a perfect destination for trekking adventures. The country houses the world’s tallest Mt. Everest (8848.86 meters) and several grand Himalayan peaks. Therefore, anyone with sheer interest in mountains and their cultures finds Nepal’s terrain a paradise. There is no lack of hiking trails or magnificent mountain scenery.

Nepal’s trekking routes showcase picturesque vistas and offer a golden opportunity to engage in Himalayan cultures. From the plethora of trekking journeys offered in Nepal, Everest Base Camp Trek is the worldwide favorite trekking destination for its unparalleled spectacle and cultural glories. Thus, when visiting Nepal, make sure to include trekking for in-depth exploration of Nepal.

Admire the intricate work of art around the cultural heritage sites of Kathmandu

Take in the chaos and wonder of Kathmandu while in Nepal. Home to about 1 million people and many ancient heritage sites, Kathmandu displays markets, temples, and chaotically interwoven modern life with medieval architecture. The city alone houses five world heritage sites of the country, all rich in cultural and artistic aspects. The Durbar Squares of Kathmandu, Patan affords mass concentration of palace and building with handcrafted windows and doors. Together with that, these durbar squares boast various designed temples and shrines. These monuments and arts depict the histories of the medieval age. In essence, anyone with a deep fascination with ancient cultures and art will cherish their time admiring the intricate artworks plastered in the cultural heritage sites of Kathmandu.

Go see a rural life away from the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu.

Nepal, with having diverse landscape, also shelters varieties of ethnic communities. Life around Nepal varies depending upon the region you visit. Moreover, as a multicultural country, one gets plenty of chances to experience various cultures at once. Along with enjoying natural beauty, cultures, and traditions, travelers also get an opportunity to experience life away from the busy world. Also, while touring rural villages, you get a break from the advancing world and let nature and simple doing cheer you. Therefore, indulge in an eco-friendly visit and relish a domesticated life which primarily includes working in fields, rearing cattle all in nature. Tour of rural villages is a real treat for anyone who needs a break from fast-moving life. It is a rewarding journey that offers peace of mind to travelers.

Enjoy the wilderness of Nepal through a jungle safari

Nepal’s dense jungles are a mecca for wildlife lovers. Nepal houses a wide assortment of birds, animals, and floras for nature lovers. Hence one could search for the royal Bengal tiger or watch one-horned rhino freely roaming around. Thrilling and fun do not seem to stop while touring the jungles of Nepal. Likewise, one could spot daring crocodiles and gharials while Canyoning along the Clam Rivers in between the verdant jungles. There are plenty of things one could do and see while exploring the backwoods of Nepal. Mainly, Chitwan and Bardia national parks are famous for jungle safari in Nepal, but there are other national parks for exploration. Nevertheless, these two national parks offer various exciting things to do for travelers. They also provide an excellent chance to witness indigenous cultures around the national park.

Attempt adventure sports to see Nepal from a different perspective

Enjoy the thrilling adventures by partaking in great outdoor activities in Nepal! This lets you see Nepal from a different perspective. After being a hub for trekking destinations, Nepal is also a core spot for thrill-seekers. From Ariel adventures to water adventures, Nepal provides exciting things to do for adventure lovers. Fight with water rapids by partaking in white water rafting or take on daring sky diving, bungee jumping, or paragliding options. There are several ways to get over the adrenaline surge. Besides offering thrilling experiences, these adventure sports allow adventurers to watch over the spectacular landscape that their adventures provide.


The delightful treats of Nepal are not limited to these five spectacular activities only. Nepal serves several more delights which you can explore yourself in your vacation. Nevertheless, this list comes with a special recommendation from the Nepal Hiking Team– an expert travel planner based in Kathmandu with over a decade of experience in the industry. Contact Nepal Hiking Team for your journey, and they will make sure you have a beautiful and rewarding journey in Nepal.

Balaram Thapa

I am a travel blogger. Sharing my travel experiences and stories that contain detail and hands-on information, tips, and ideas to people is an excellent way to expand my parameters in a fun and informative way and polish my skills.