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Austen Kroll
By GRACIE HART 1,455 views

Austen Kroll – Interesting Things About Famous TV Personality

Southern Charm is one of the popular American reality TV series that has around 8 seasons. Some of the famous cast members of season 8 include Craig Conover, Kathryn Dennis, Austen Kroll, and Shep Rose to name a few. Just like other celebs, Austen Kroll is a well-known TV personality featured in the 8th season of Bravo‘s Southern Charm. The Southern Charm’s eighth season has already ended, however, people are still eager to know more about Austen Kroll. 

Apart from being part of different TV shows, Austen runs a popular podcast and owns a brewing company. There is a lot more about Austen Kroll that may surprise you.

In this blog, we have mentioned key facts about Austen that may blow your mind.

Without further delay, let’s get started. 

Interesting Details About Austen Kroll 

  • Austen Kroll, Brewing Company Owner

You will be surprised to know that Austen Kroll is a budding entrepreneur. He is the founder and owner of Kings Calling Brewing Co. which is a brewing company located in Charleston.

The brand produces and sells Trop Hop which is a well-known beer. You can also visit the business website and shop online for other products like tumblers, candles, stickers, sweatshirts, and a lot of other items.

From competitive pricing to a vast variety of products, high-quality items, and top-quality customer services, the brand is known for all good reasons. You can even follow Austen Kroll’s company on Instagram where you can find content related to its products and services. 

  • Social Media Celebrity – Austen Kroll

Austen Kroll

Apart from being an excellent TV personality and budding entrepreneur, Austen Kroll is a well-known social media star. He has a verified Instagram account with the name krollthewarriorking. There are about 584k followers on his Instagram account. That’s a significant number, right? He has a huge following on his social media accounts.

Austen is quite active on his social media account and often posts content related to his personal and professional life. He uploads images, videos, and reels with his friends, family, and nears and dears. 

  • A Graduate 

Apart from acting and business, Austen Kroll has extremely performed well in his academics and studies. He went to the University of Alabama where he completed his degree in business administration and management. It was in the year 2010 when he completed his graduation. As per sources, he even went to Prague to pursue further education. It is quite evident that Austen has made the best use of his business degree and knowledge.

  • Part Of Another TV Show

Some fans of Austen Kroll believe that he has just been part of only one reality show which is Bravo‘s Southern Charm. However, that is not true. Though Austen doesn’t look like a person who switches from one reality show to another. However, Southern Charm is not the only reality TV show he was part of. He appeared on another reality show Summer House which also aired on Bravo.

In fact, there is good news for all Austen’s fans, the famous TV personality is back on Bravo’s Winter House season 2 released in October ’22

  • Sports Lover

Austen is a big sports lover. Since his childhood only, he had a keen interest in different sports. He loved watching and enjoying different games like baseball and football. However, when it comes to playing any particular sport, he loves golf. He often goes to the golf court and enjoys playing the game with his friends.

  • Travel Lover

Austen Kroll Travel Lover

Austen Kroll is a keen traveler and loves exploring different destinations across the world. He is one of those people who loves traveling and has been blessed with a good lifestyle that allows him to enjoy himself to the fullest. He has traveled to various places like Cuba, Italy, and Bermuda to name a few.

Austen often shares his trip stories and images on his social media account

  • Family Person

Though Austen Kroll has gained immense success and a reputation as a TV actor, he is still connected to his roots. Despite being a famous TV star, he hasn’t forgotten where he came from. He is still connected to all people who have stood by him through thick and thin. 

Austen shares a very close bond with his family, including his parents and sister. He even shares a strong relationship with his friends. Either he is hanging out with his friends or usually likes spending quality time with his family members.

In The End…

Above all, Austen seems to be a private and introverted person. Though he has been part of reality TV shows that doesn’t mean he has no private life. Even his social media account contains more content related to his professional life than his personal one. 

That’s all about Austen Kroll! Hopefully, now you know the key details about the famous TV personality. For more information on other TV and movie celebs, stay connected with us. 

Gracie Hart

Freelance Writer, Digital Marketer, and Content Writer