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Instagram is regarded as a phenomenally popular picture-sharing social media channel. Moreover, Instagram boasts over 1 billion MAUs or monthly active users. There are over 25 million businesses registered with Instagram. Instagram is regarded as the most versatile and powerful platform for boosting online marketing, promotion, and advertising. Numerous fashion brands are currently leveraging the power of Instagram to showcasing their unique products and seamlessly connecting with their precise target audience. Instagram is a fabulous social media platform for establishing a robust relationship and strong bond with customers and building a community. Moreover, Instagram is the perfect platform for flaunting the personality of your brand and everything relevant to your business.

According to, the fashion industry is supposed to be a predominantly active industry on Instagram. It represents around 70 percent of the overall activity on Instagram. All relatively smaller e-commerce business or startups are always focusing their attention on effective ways of differentiating themselves from their existing competitors.

Instagram today, is recognized as a compelling force behind the fashion industry making way for new innovative fashion trends. Instagram is well-known for providing fantastic fashion inspiration. Instagram’s trendsetting ways and powers are demonstrating no signs of losing its pace. The cutting-edge fashion trends seem to have a viral impact on Instagram. Even though we cannot deny the fact that a majority of the fashion trends are derived from supermodels and celebrities, you simply cannot undermine the pivotal role played by Instagram in initiating countless impressive fashion trends and fashion-forward conversations. Here are some tips for all fashion brands to implement for generating a seamless Instagram Marketing stratagem for 2021.

Allow Instagram Users to carry on Shopping via Your Feed

This is certainly your golden opportunity to provide your potential customers with a direct chance to shop. Instagram can now be transformed from a powerful social media platform to a smart shopping app. It is amazing news for all e-commerce businesses.

You could consider providing all your users with instant access to product details along with the pricing by setting up an Instagram Shop. You may consider incorporating a CTA into your Instagram Bio for all casual visitors keen on checking out your latest collection or glance through your website. However, refrain from being excessively promotional. It often doesn’t seem to be fruitful. You should stop bombarding your fans with clickable prices that appear under each and every post.

Partner With Celebrities & Fashion Influencers

Having a dedicated Instagram audience could be a tall task but celebrity endorsement and influencer marketing could do the trick. Pictures of celebrities demonstrating their happiness after wearing your unique designer clothes, or designer jewelry, the latest collection of designer shoes, or statement watches take your fashion outfits, and fashion accessories to the next level and boost the number of your Instagram followers.

Moreover, you could opt for influencer marketing that helps in providing a great opportunity to keep borrowing somebody else’s fans and followers. Partnering with top Instagram fashion influencers is a tried and tested strategy for generating exceptional ROIs. Working with influencers on Instagram cannot be avoided in present times if you wish to go about marketing your business judiciously and generate new customers. However, you may check real Instagram likes whenever you like by seeking professional assistance from a reliable digital marketing company.

Leverage the Versatility of Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories had been there for the past couple of years or so. However, it has successfully come up with a plethora of filters and editing features. The Instagram Stories are visible for just a day or 24 hours. However, they leave a profound impact on the minds of Instagram users. It is the ultimate destination for sharing unique and exclusive content, for instance, things taking place behind-the-scenes of a fashion show or an event. It’s a fantastic way of connecting with the target audience via customer reviews and competitions and exposing the real you thus, gaining credibility and authenticity for your relatively new brands.

Utilize Highlights on Your Instagram Profile

Instagram Stories could be there for just 24 hours, however, thanks to the Highlights, you are allowed to build impressive collections that would stay on Instagram till you want them to stay there. They are great for making a profound impact on the success of your organization by keeping your target audience informed of the latest developments in your business or industry. Moreover, it is quite effective as a marketing tool for promoting your brand.


Instagram is a popular and busy social media platform. Hence, it is quite obvious for you to take a considerable amount of time to establish a devoted audience or capture their attention and get noticed. As a fashion house, it is a good idea to invest your money, time, and efforts in Instagram marketing strategies. You must remember that it is essential to screen your performance on a regular basis via analytics. Keep working on enhancements.

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