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By ANGELA ASH 1,520 views

8 Fun Ideas for Your Marketing Campaigns

Branded gifts can fulfill multiple purposes, including those catering to your business’s marketing efforts.

Namely, you can keep your brand at the forefront of consumers’ minds by giving away intelligent, personalized merchandise that matches your business mission (and vision!).

Gift ideas for marketing campaigns usually comprise gift certificates to be used on your company website or in-store (for businesses running physical shops). However, you may also send out targeted gifts to reward (and inspire) loyalty.

As regards these, ideas are as many as there are customers. Typically, VIP customers are granted more expensive gifts but occasional shows of appreciation may include larger audiences. In this case, gifts don’t have to be necessarily expensive.

E.g., a bookstore may give away custom-made bookmarks. A nice design will make up for the rest. Add your logo or brand message and et voilà!

Similarly, a dentist may give away branded toothbrushes, a hairdresser — handy hair accessories, etc.

Marketing Gift Ideas

Keeping personalization in mind, let’s take a look at some popular marketing gift ideas. Depending on your budget and the number of recipients, you may want to customize the offer to get the best value for the budget.

We’ll start with cost-efficient gift ideas, eventually moving to more expensive ones for VIP customers and business partners.

Let’s get started!

Custom Pens and Stationery

Custom pens may not be as expensive as some other presents but can be rather effective. As mentioned above, it’s the sentiment that counts, so make use of it!

Invest in high-quality pens, add your company logo, or simply use your logo color scheme to get the message across.

Pens are often given away during promotions, so the practice is not uncommon.

Occasional Gifts

Give away promotional gifts on special occasions (e.g., holidays, company anniversaries, and similar). Gift cards may do the trick but if you want to make a lasting impression brainstorm ideas for special perks. Custom lanyards not only serve a practical purpose by holding identification badges or keys but also provide a distinctive and personalized touch. By incorporating your company’s logo or a special message, custom lanyards become memorable keepsakes that employees or clients can use daily, fostering a sense of belonging and appreciation.

Anything from chocolate gift boxes to movie tickets to discount coupons for exclusive merchandise will do.

Coffee Mugs 

There’s always a need for coffee mugs!

Practically every company gives away personalized coffee mugs but this kind of gift is best delivered in person. That is to say, consider other gift ideas for online sales.

Mugs are not too expensive and are easy to customize, so they make good gifts.

Use your creativity and create a unique design that represents your brand clearly. Instead of printing out the logo each time, think outside of the box!


T-shirts are a timeless classic when it comes to marketing efforts. Even though they’re not original ideas, they can still make a huge impact on top of being rather useful.

When giving away T-shirts, go for quality. Pick T-shirts made of lasting materials with solid colors.  

Your customers are sure to wear them with pleasure and others will also see them.

Accessory Bags

Good organization is universally cherished. By giving away accessory bags, you’re certain to get the message across.

Plus, bags go places, meaning more people will get to see them. That’s why this type of gift may be used to spread a message rather than just showcase your logo. Think motivation and a recognizable color pattern.

Unisex Tube Socks

A useful gift is always welcome. Unisex tube socks are exactly the type of items everyone will find a use for. These are also cost-efficient and allow for limitless creativity.

Scilicet, there’s no limit to what can be embroidered or printed on tube socks, so get creative!

Consider adding a touch of individuality by offering custom running socks. If you’re interested, you can explore options and order custom running socks online.

Waterproof Speakers 

As regards marketing gifts that are somewhat more expensive, let’s start with waterproof speakers.

Nowadays, many businesses give away this type of gift, for two reasons. Firstly, they are eye-catching (imagine your brand logo on a pair of nicely designed speakers). Secondly, they’re setting your brand apart from others giving away cheap presents.

Speakers are an ideal choice for customization since they come in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors.

Custom Watches

Branded watches are an established corporate gift. Because they’re expensive, they’re usually reserved for clients and mentors, but they fulfill marketing goals nevertheless.

Nowadays, modern corporate watches may be replaced by personalized Apple watches due to the quick advancement of new tech. However, keep in mind recipients’ preferences when deciding between the two. Some people simply love old-school gifts!

Factors to Keep in Mind When Deciding on Marketing Gifts

As you can see, there’s a little something for everyone’s taste, so create a strategy keeping your budget in mind.

However, it’s not recommended to give out gifts at random; think about usability and quality.

Namely, even if your marketing budget is tight, it’s always better to choose cost-efficient gifts of high quality. Yes, it’s better to give away high-quality coffee mugs than poor-quality speakers.

Save the most expensive gifts for notable partners and mentors and adjust your marketing strategies to fit the occasion. Our suggestion is to not forego company anniversaries and holiday gifts. Over time, this little ritual of giving away small gifts may become a tradition customers will keep looking forward to!

Angela Ash