How to improve gaming laptop performance on Windows 10

It is the dilemma of every gaming freak, that how can you enhance the gaming laptop performance? Well, if you are looking for that answer as well, then you have come to the right place. We are going to tell you some of the tips and tricks, which can help you improve your gaming performance on your laptop, that runs on Windows 10. Windows 10 is the best and smoothest operating system, which gives you the best interface for all your operations. It is much easier to optimize your Windows 10 for gaming, so you can ensure the best gaming sessions every single time.

Turn on Gaming Mode

Windows 10 comes with a Gaming Mode. When you turn this mode on, Windows creates the best possible environment for you guys, to enjoy your gaming sessions the right way. It takes more out of the CPU and GPU to give additional power to your game. It also suspends the background apps, which are not in use, to free up some memory and provide great speed. You can just easily turn it on by going to the Windows settings and clicking on the gaming button, then click on the Game Mode.

Turn Off Game DVR

There is another option that you will find in the gaming settings. The Game DVR records your gaming sessions in the background, for you guys to watch it later or just broadcast it on social media. In addition to being cool and useful, it can also be too heavy on your system and gaming performance. So, if you don’t want your gameplay to slow down then you should turn the Game DVR off.

Windows 10 Optimization Tool

Windows 10 comes with a great optimization tool, which lets you organize and clear the system to get more out of your CPU and GPU. It lets you clean the trash and garbage files, which frees up the space to utilize it in other operations like your hardcore gaming. You can also manage the auto-launch apps and turn off the auto-launch, so you can game with peace. With no unnecessary apps running in the background, you can get the most out of your gaming experience in a carefree manner.

Update the Graphics Card Driver

Regularly updating the graphics card driver is always a good thing to do. The newer versions are released from time to time, which have bugs fixed and many new features added. Updating your graphics card driver makes sure you get smooth gameplay, every single time. But things can sometimes go wrong while you are updating a driver. So always make sure to back up your files and important data, so that even if any problem occurs, your data remains safe.

Clean Your laptop

Cleaning your laptop does wonder for the overall gaming laptop performance. If you just want to improve the performance of your gaming laptop on finance, then this is the most basic thing to do. The dust particles gather inside the laptop, which hinders the cooling fans to properly dissipate the heat. The heat gets collected in your laptop, which raises the temperature of CPU, GPU, and other essential components, and ultimately affects your laptop’s performance. So, make sure to keep your laptop dust-free to enjoy the gaming sessions smoothly.

Check Your Network Settings

For online gamers, the major reason for lag or interruptions can be the network connection or the speed. To ensure smooth and carefree online gaming sessions, you need to make sure your internet connection is stable. You need to keep your wireless network card driver up-to-date as well.

Bottom Line

Windows 10 has the most gaming compatible options, to let you enjoy your gaming sessions to the fullest. In addition to the built-in gaming settings, there are some other tips to improve the gaming laptop performance. We hope all the above-discussed tips would prove quite beneficial for you guys. So, make sure to keep these tips in mind and if you are looking to buy a gaming laptop on finance, then visit and choose from a wide range of great gaming laptops on the best deals.

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