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target audience
By BARRY BAXTER 1,657 views

6 Ways to Research Your Target Audience on Instagram

Gaining a large number of Instagram followers is nothing unless you can convert them into paying clients. To sum it all up, the number of likes and the number of follows are just vanity measures. If the wrong kind of individuals is following your brand, it won’t matter how many followers you have.

As such, it’s crucial that you identify, connect with, and engage Instagram’s core demographic. Capturing the attention of high-value users will help you generate more interaction, increase the value of your followers, and get better results from your Instagram marketing. Whether you’re building a personal or professional brand through Search Engine Optimization or with the help of Social media platforms like Instagram, getting your content in front of the right people is essential.

Sales, customer loyalty, and personal development can all benefit from an audience’s natural interest in and participation in your content. In a sea of one billion Instagram users, it can be challenging to discover YOUR people. But with the advice in this article, you’ll have no trouble. We’ve prepared some tips to help you find and connect with your ideal Instagram followers. Let’s go in right now.

Learn How to Identify Your Instagram Audience

Let’s start with some basic strategies for identifying your ideal Instagram followers. 

1. Start With Bigger Marketing Personas

Having a buyer persona—a fictional representation of the kind of customer you’d ideally like to attract as a client—is a must if you’re in charge of marketing for a company. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to identifying your target audience on Instagram; refer back to the data provided here. Analyze your average consumer’s demographics with your marketing department’s help. 

Eventually, when you’ve spent some time diving into Instagram analytics, you’ll be able to enrich these clients’ profiles with social data. In addition, using the profile of your ideal customer as a starting point is a smart move. Keep in mind, though, that the Instagram users you’re trying to reach may be a little different demographic than your usual in-store purchasers. For this reason, it must correspond with the Instagram demographic information you’ve collected.

2. Continually Monitor Your Followers

Stalking is something you shouldn’t do in real life but should for Instagram audience study. See who’s following you or engaging with you to get started. For this, you need to go to Instagram. Click on recent likers and commenters. You’ll be charged. Check out what they’re sharing, the hashtags they’re using, and their captions and phrasing. If your followers use lots of emojis and abbreviations like LOL or YOLO, use them in your own captions. Click Followers to see who your followers follow. This will show you what they want on Instagram. They may be following your competitors or similar accounts. Or you may discover they have interests you didn’t expect. 

3. Instagram Polls to Validate Product Ideas

In addition to improving your social media tactics, knowing who you’re trying to reach can also help you in other marketing areas. And when it comes to developing new products or services, Instagram is an especially great approach to gathering customer input. Because of this, Kim Kardashian, one of Instagram’s most popular users, called it “the most fantastic tool that’s been made to help brands.”

Instagram Stories is the most straightforward tool for this. Seventy percent of users watch Stories on a daily basis, while twenty-five percent of Gen Z and Millennial viewers use them to learn about new brands and services. Get your Instagram followers’ opinions by using the following stickers:

  • Quizzes
  • Checkboxes with Questions
  • Choosing between two alternatives in a survey
  • Emoji-based polling with a scale

4. Conduct Competitive Analysis

It’s tough to learn the specifics of your competitors’ Instagram strategy, but by analyzing the kind of content they share, you may get a good idea of who they’re trying to reach. Please list the companies that offer products and services most similar to your own, and keep an eye on their content strategy across various social media sites. TikTok is included; Instagram Reels are very much like TikTok. If you’re already using a social media approach similar to theirs on another platform, you can use it to jumpstart your Instagram presence.

Analyze your rival’s fan base to identify shared interests. To give just one example, a quick check of competing advertising companies’ Instagram accounts reveals that each has a substantial following. Then it’s reasonable to assume that establishing a name for themselves is an objective. You can increase your chances of getting more followers if you share that content on your profile. 

Finally, examine a competitor’s Instagram feed to learn which influencers they employ. Take notice of the content forms, topics, and ways they engage with their audience if an influencer’s audience has enough overlap for a competitor to spend to reach them.

5. Send a DM to New Follower

It’s pretty OK to direct message a new follower and inquire about the reasoning behind their follow and what they hope to see from you. Particularly if you find that the same person consistently shares or likes your posts or, even better, comments on your work. Just send them a casual note in the DMs.

If you need a simple example, consider this one:

“Hey! You’ve been following us for quite some time, and we really appreciate it! What sort of posts would you want to see us make? Thank you for your time; your thoughts will help us provide the best XYZ to our subscribers.

6. Socially Listen to Relevant Discussions

One of the most significant things you can do is conduct audience research to understand your target audience and carry out effective Instagram targeting. Other important things you can do include: Listening to social media conversations is an effective method for gathering information on the demographics of your Instagram followers. If you have no idea what the people are talking about or find intriguing, there is no purpose in trying to captivate them. Utilize the social media listening tools provided by Sprout Social to zero in on specific conversations taking place in your industry and concerning the problems that are important to you.

This will assist you in learning more about the interests and perspectives of your target audience, as well as the people leading relevant online debates about your business. You may use this information to zero in on discussions that are pertinent to your brand and locate key opinion leaders that can assist you in spreading the word about your product.


Researching your potential customers on Instagram isn’t a one-and-done task. Without further consideration, there is no way to master this issue once and move on to content production and promotion. The research on Instagram’s potential users is ongoing. Investing in additional research will pay off in the end with a more intimate understanding of your target audience and a more precise approach to content creation.

There is more to Instagram marketing than simply locating your target audience; you also need to think about how to increase brand exposure and sales and construct and monitor your audience’s engagement. It’s advisable to engage a social media optimization agency for your business rather than try to do everything on your own. For the simple reason that they will be armed with information and insight that will assist you in winning over your ideal customer and increasing sales.

Barry Baxter