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By DIVYA UPLOGIC 2,223 views

Integrate these New Features in your Taxi Booking App to Double the Customer Base

If you are running an on-demand business then, you know that to retain the customer base, you have to introduce new products into existing business service. The type of product differs from service to service. In a typical app-based taxi business, new features are introduced in the app as a part of the new product release.

Already, big giants like Uber and Ola are continuously rolling out new features to woo customers. Some of their features are region specific. Also, there are increased cases of harassments and abuse for both drivers and riders. This specifically reduced the user’s interest in on-demand taxi firms.

To gain back the confidence of users, it is imperative to add new features that are exciting and also addresses the problems faced by users.

So far I gave examples of big companies but, the new product release is also suitable for small and medium taxi firms who mostly use Uber-like clone scripts. For them, it is even easier to add new features since Uber clone scripts are flexible.

taxi booking app

Below I have listed some exciting features that have huge potential to expand the customer base.

Multiple destinations

Multiple stops can be an exciting feature especially in carpooling. Multiple stops can be made between two points of an in a route. So, your friend/relative can come with you and can drop at any stop in the route. The estimated fare will be generated according to it. The multiple destination feature can be used by clicking a ‘+’ button on the top of the customer app. You can add, change or remove the apps even when you are on the car.

Share the trip

When you register with the customer taxi app, you can add your family members and friends and also notify them of the ‘Share your trip’ feature. So, whenever you take a ride, you can share it with your friends or relatives so that they can track your ride and make sure your ride is safe.

This feature is useful especially when there is an unexpected mishap during the ride.

Details such as place, driver name, car number, the route are shared in this feature and it can be shared to a maximum of five contacts. Throughout the trip, you can send the status of your ride to any of the shared contacts.

Quiet mode

If you are in any mood to respond to emails or take a nap, you can do it with just a tap before taking the ride. Also, in this mode, the driver cannot play any music in the vehicle or make any noise. You can choose to avoid talks with the driver.

Locating nearest gas station

The driver can locate the nearest gas station in his driver app. This allows the driver to drive the vehicle without any hassles to find the gas station.

Split fare

There is nothing more embarrassing than asking your colleague to pick and drop to and fro for the office. Instead, you can use split fare feature You can share the fare with your cab occupants. What you have to do is to add the friend’s name in the app and enable split fare feature. At the end of the ride, the fare will be split and you can pay via any mode of payments.

Emergency panic button

To curb harassment and abuse inside the cab, you can add an emergency panic button in the app. This allows the riders to alert the nearby police and send message to taxi firm and friends/relatives during an emergency. The panic button can be activated with a single tap. A lot of criminal activity arises when people think they are not being watched.

This feature is also available for drivers. In case they are affected by any riders, the drivers can use the panic button feature.

Final say

All the above features will become the default in all the on-demand taxis in the future. So, implement it as soon as possible to reap the benefits of the early adopter. People always have some affinity towards early adopters.

For taxi firms that use uber like apps and taxi dispatch software, the process of implementing these features is seamless and hassle-free. First, you have to approach the Uber clone service provider and explain them. They will evaluate the necessary resources and time frame. Finally, you pay them and get the updated app in some day. That’s all.      

Only the firm which adopts the latest technology and introduces new products alone can sustain the fast-changing environment and this is completely true at least for on-demand businesses like taxi firms. Especially, on-demand taxi firms are dynamic and having the latest tech can make you as the next big thing in the market.

divya uplogic

I'm Divya working at Uplogic Technologies Pvt Ltd,Uplogic technologies as a leading producer of mobile app and web app solutions in the market. We serve many entrepreneurs in their business globally. Uplogic’s primary focus is developing android apps, iPhone/iPad apps, and cross-platform apps for on-demand business models like taxi booking, online food delivery, taxi dispatching solutions, and many more services. Our top selling products are SpotnRides and SpotnEats, which are related to the on-demand industry. The Unique selling proposition of ours is providing free after sale support and customization for some time on all our projects. Our satisfied clientele base is a result of the work by our dedicated development team and our commitment towards technology. Our Product Website: https://www.spotnrides.com/

  1. Great post!! All the features of the taxi booking app mentioned by you in this post are tremendous. I will definitely use these features for my app. I have checked many articles on this topic but couldn’t find a complete explanation, and then I found your article. Surely, you must have done great research for this article. I was looking for this certain info for a very long time. Thanks for sharing such a valuable post.

  2. Great new set of features for taxi apps! I would like to add some more interesting features. Often people find hard to cope up with the calls from drivers/customers. This may be due to network reach and through a simple chat system between the driver and customer can also be easy because the driver doesn’t have to pick up the call every time from the user. Just through the chat, both can send their status for the ride. Apart from this tipping the drivers and advanced dispute options regarding cancellation of the ride etc. can be helpful.