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Business Marketing Raef Lawson
By RAEF LAWSON 846 views

Keys to Be Successful in Business Marketing

Business marketing is the process by which one corporate sells its product or services to other. And those other organizations either resell these goods and services or use them in their own industry to support their operations.

The business success lies in its marketing strategies says, Raef Lawson. And business marketing is a lengthy as well as complex selling process. In this article, we have made a list of some methods to get success in business advertising. These tips are helpful for both the small size as well as large organizations.

Here, are some keys to become prosperous in business marketing:

  • Social Media Advertising

    Various social media networking sites like Facebook or Twitter are the best platform for marketers. Almost all the social media networking sites have built-in data analytics tools. These tools allow organizations to track the growth, achievement, and engagement of ad campaign. This is according to Raef Lawson that corporations can address investors through social media marketing.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Businesses start with value creation and this should be the primary objective of individuals to deliver quality services in an efficient manner. This will lead to profit as well as higher customer satisfaction. Actually, the customer experience is an essential part of the business to business marketing. Hence, tycoons should focus on the value creation and they will generate profit automatically.


  • Multimedia Content Advertising

These days, business to business marketers are extensively adopting this trend of advertising. Raef Lawson recommends that marketing through multimedia content grab the attention of more customers.

The purpose of multimedia content marketing is to make content more compelling, engaging and shareable than the traditional approach. 360-degree videos are one of the popular forms of visual content.

  • Mobile Marketing 

At the moment usage of the smartphone has been increased than previous few years. Hence, this is crucial for business marketers to make use of different mobile advertising tactics. The aim of this digital media strategy is to reach the target audience on their tablet or smartphone through SMS, email and multimedia messages.

  • Personal Vending and Executive Branding

The most preferred form of distribution is personal selling. Individuals can promote their product or services through attitude and knowledge of product according to Raef Lawson.

Todays, in business to business environment executive branding is considered as an essential aspect. The executive should have to showcase their strengths as a way to entice the consumers.


There are a lot of things to consider when crafting business marketing strategies. But the above 5 tips by Raef Lawson will help the businesses to grow their sale and earn more profit. So, individuals should have to adopt these keys to get a fruitful result in business marketing.

Raef Lawson

Raef Lawson is Chief Marketing Officer at Greene Media Lab, with responsibility for marketing programs, brand management, and corporate sponsorship. Prior to joining Greene Media Lab, he worked in strategic business development and finance at several companies, and served in staff positions in federal government.