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The surge of social media over the last few years has changed communication and is impacting business world. This is the reason behind the development of influencers – people frequently active on social media with esteemed perception says, Raef Lawson.

Influencer marketing is a modern advertising tactic where the focus is put on influential people than targeting market as a whole. Actually, this modern marketing technique is not just about increasing the awareness but also impact the sales positively.

At the moment, individuals do not respond to the digital adverts, newsletters, and other conventional advertising schemes. Instead of this, they go for independent brand research and also prefer to hear about it from a reliable person. Hence, the use of influencer in promoting has become an efficacious way to attract the consumers of all the industries which include social business too.

In the modern era, almost every social organizations need effective marketing methods in order to earn positive value in return. Want to establish an efficient influencer advertising system? You should need to identify and engage the proficient influencers for your brand.

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Following are some of the traits given by Raef Lawson that individuals should consider fro targeting an ideal influencer:

  • Spectators and Reach

One should hire the prospective influencers having huge followings on different social media platforms.

  • Quality and Belief

Quality and reliable followers of an influencer endow better capacities for potential customers. You can measure this be taking special notice of audiences who actively cooperate with influencers in advertising the social businesses.

  • Activity

It is necessary to identify how frequently an individual comments, posts and general activity of influencers. Actually, knowing this help you predict perspective reach before starting a campaign according to Raef Lawson. Influencer advertising is a tool for customer brands and their partnerships. Hence, these methods and features need to apply to the promotion of social businesses.

  • Genuineness

Influencer’s campaigns cannot achieve their advertising goals if the audience is aware that they are getting paid. Consequently, it is crucial to work with individuals with a passion for a project. In fact, the key to a prosperous influencer marketing campaign is being authentic.

  • Deliberate Planning

It is crucial to have strategic planning to achieve before engaging with any influencer project including social businesses. Along with this, the process of achieving these objectives and the scale on which achievement is measurable is also crucial. Raef Lawson also advises the initial rendezvous with influencers to seek their perception of how the best partnership will work.   

Wrapping Up

Social media is still a great platform for brands, but additionally, it has some measurable effect on businesses. Hence, individuals should prefer influencer marketing tactics in order to get awareness. Raef Lawson – the chief marketing officer at Greene Media Lab has given above qualities to consider while looking for influencers.

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Raef Lawson
Raef Lawson
Raef Lawson is Chief Marketing Officer at Greene Media Lab, with responsibility for marketing programs, brand management, and corporate sponsorship. Prior to joining Greene Media Lab, he worked in strategic business development and finance at several companies, and served in staff positions in federal government.

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