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Raef Lawson is a professional who is providing his high-quality services in health care, education, and energy departments from past few years. In fact, he endows the corporate development strategies to the wide range of business, not-for-profit, as well as government organizations. The professionals know very well how to manage the senior-level relationships and cross-functional teams. In fact, the strength of this tycoon includes leadership, creativity, and drive.

This professional has completed the bachelor’s degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After completing the graduation, he did MBA from the University of Pennsylvania. Now, he is living in Richmond with his beautiful spouse and their three kids as well as two cats. The professional love to race sports cars in the free time. In fact, he is also the best driving instructor.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Working Life of the Professional

This business leader starts working at Greene Media Lab in 2012 as Chief Marketing Officer. Here, he has the liability for brand management, advertising program, and industry sponsorship. The professionals co-led the development of computer-generated rehabilitation interface which integrates clinical and homes based physical therapy.

Before this, he launches the performance management system at Willow Park Charter Schools in 2011. The purpose of this system is to improve the operational and academic excellence of schools. He also worked as senior associate Global analytics at Franklin Investments from the year of 2009 to 2011. Here, Raef Lawson manages to assess the tactical market opportunities in the clean technology sector such as carbon markets and wind turbine technology.

The professional also has created and evaluated the randomized trials of the teaching programs across the 300 schools in Kenya. Actually, the expert has worked with numerous organizations for the strategic planning. The organizations include Vista Grammar Charter Schools, Grandview Schools, School District of Fortuna, and Association for Sustainable Economic Development. Hence, he holds an extensive experience in tactical planning and business development.

In addition to this, the professional also worked in the staff positions in federal government. Raef was also the member of the panel of executives of the Atascosa Financial Association and also the associate of the advisory board of the New Media Forum. He also worked for Meadowlark International as a volunteer.

Recently, the marketing Programs expert is working in strategic partnership with Moore & Pierce in order to fetch essential services to the fast-growing Asia-Pacific marketplace. This project results in the yearly revenue of 16 million dollars.

Honorable Moments for Raef

In the year 2008, the national Geographic arts network award the professional as business person of the year due to his outstanding achievement in the visual communication. In fact, the Miro graphic arts association also nominate the expert for the honorable Powerpax award. Along with this, in the year 2012, he is also named under the Orenco top 40 business journal under the age of 40.

Additional Traits

The professional worked with the many companies internationally (for instance, in Mexico, Chile, Thailand, Peru, and Kenya). This marketing programs professional also has competency in Excel monetary modeling, SQL, Windows, PowerPoint, Access, SAS and Mac OS. In fact, he can write and speak Spanish very fluently and is also familiar with Mandarin Chinese. The professional is also a highly rated speaker on the business relevant topics.

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Raef Lawson
Raef Lawson
Raef Lawson is Chief Marketing Officer at Greene Media Lab, with responsibility for marketing programs, brand management, and corporate sponsorship. Prior to joining Greene Media Lab, he worked in strategic business development and finance at several companies, and served in staff positions in federal government.

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