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By CHRISTIAN LESS 3,059 views

What the Beatles Could Learn from Asthmas

The Beatles band is the most influential in the world even after the band broke up their music is still alive in today’s generation, the Beatles rose to popularity back in the 1960s as the English band and the main starring artists were John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Star, and George Harrison. The Beatles are known as revolutionaries of the music industry as they experimented and explored many styles of music and thus combined them into their innovations, they held movements for the youth and sociocultural and publicly recognized them as the leaders. The greatest artist in history broke up in the 1970s and later they move on for the solo artist journey.

How do asthmas and singers in the band have a connection with each other?

The Beatles were touring the United States in the 1960s that is when the first asthma society was created and set the mark for upcoming inventions like the nebulizer machine in treating respiratory conditions also when this society formed other foundations formed quickly and the network of asthmas foundation spread rapidly. Now the asthma foundation is playing its role in treating a huge number of people with respiratory conditions.

Find out how the “asthma” word came into existence and what importance it holds?

The “asthma” is a Greek word that means shirt of breath and patients that come with breathlessness were diagnosed with asthma in the early 19th century but after the article published by henry Hyde the concept of asthma changed drastically and the study showed that asthma narrows down the soft muscle of airways that results in short breaths. In the early 1980s, experts struggled with the lack of research and how allergen can cause chemicals to create narrowing of the trachea and inflammations in the bronchioles.

What does asthma reaction seems like and what to do?

Asthma is not like a fever that goes after short-term medication but is a chronic disease that needs long-term treatment or else the visit to the emergency room gets often in a year, asthma narrows down the airways makes it harder for the person to sit comfortably or even talk. The asthma reactions are quite volatile due to the inflammation in the bronchial tubes or in some severe conditions people grasp for air and if they cannot, faintness could occur.


     The slight contact with the allergen can cause the air tube to swell and narrow down and the sensitivity scale of the asthmatic patient has increased.


     when the air tube narrowed, the air could not pass through the trachea making it harder for the person to breath


    the allergens can cause inflammation in the bronchioles that turn them red and swelled and can lead to damage of the lungs.


Here are the symptoms of the extreme asthmas reactions

  • Extreme coughing during asthma, especially at the night.
  • Severe asthma can cause wheezing sounds.
  • Asthmatic patients are sensitive to slight allergens that can cause sneezing
  • Experiencing tightening of the chest and insomnia due to breathing problems.
  • Mornings are rough due to pain in the chest.

Find out extreme asthma triggers that asthmatic patient needs to stay away from

When you have asthma everything around the world can cause the attack like the things in the world is attacking you and below are some of the triggers lists that are likely to cause asthma attack:

  1. Infections like throat, sinus, and flu trigger asthma.
  2. Emotions like anxiety, panic attacks, and laughter can trigger asthma.
  3. Some people who are sensitive towards tobacco smoke avoid that area.
  4. Asthma triggers could be animals like cats, dogs, and birds.
  5. Carpets and wool can cause asthma attacks within seconds.
  6. The temperature is too cold or humid can cause an asthma attack.
  7. Dust allergens and pollens are the main reason for the asthma attack.
  8. Perfumes and toners with a strong smell can trigger asthma attacks.
  9. Now air pollution rules over the triggers of an asthma attack.
  10. The medication for headache and fever can cause an asthmatic reaction in some.

The advancement in the world of respiratory conditions have made improvements

In the 21st century, the few advancements in the medical world have reduced the rate of asthmatic attacks. Successful treatments for asthma-like medications can keep your asthma under control and another treatment of homeopathic is lowering the risk of asthma attacks. Although with new technology nebulizer machine, clears the air passage after inhalation of the first dose of budesonide, etc. another common and effective method is the inhaler present in the medical supplies store filled with a combination of fluticasone, dulera, and budesonide.

If the above medications do not work due to severe asthma then steroids are injected through the veins to have a faster reaction. The severity of asthma is usually linked with the genes and in the situation of a bad asthma attack then injecting the steroids like mepolizumab and fasteners 2 times a week can have better results easily available in the medical supplies store but with the precaution in the terms of pregnancy.

Asthma rate according to countries:

Countries  Asthma percentage 
Australia  21.5%
United Kingdom  18.2%
Brazil  12.0%


Asthmas tends to affect your daily life

In third world countries, the treatment and research of asthma are ongoing, people with low income find it difficult to afford the treatment cost that causes the disturbance in daily life, and people find it hard to do daily chores due to tiredness and breathlessness. The WHO is working to provide treatments and medication to poor countries like Africa, Indonesia, and Iran that do not have enough resources.

Children and young adults are extremely prone to asthma and malnourishment in such countries and the mortality rate is increasing day by day. The youth is the future of the upcoming era and the organization is responsible to nourish and protect the upcoming gems and talent.  

Find out how technology and asthmas can work together to the road of improvement 

The technology has evolved a lot, chronic diseases like asthma are improving with the use of technology, apps, and websites designed for asthmatic people to keep the track of medications. The nebulizer machine upgrade has become easier for asthmatic patients as they can use it without professional medical help. According to research, the new technology known as an air purifier has lowered the risk of an asthmas attack in children and adults increasing the purity index in the air.              



This article was designed to spread the history of the Beatles’ popularity and the asthmas society formation in the same year as it became an inspiring year for everyone, the above article holds knowledge about asthma causes, treatments, and the relation with the technology. The above information is enough to draw attention towards the serious issue of the asthmas rate increasing the number of third world countries with the statistics showing how even first world countries have problems like asthmas increment. 

Christian Less

Hey friends I am Christian Less a Business Development Manager at medical equipment and supplies company. Nowadays I am working on how to maintain your health in a busy schedule.