Digital marketing strategies for Hospitals

As keeping up with the modern trends in technology, most businesses including hospitals are also focusing on their Digital Marketing efforts in this digital era. The number of internet users has increased in India up to half a million until last year. This means that most of your hospital patients and potential clients can be reached and communicated conveniently on the internet through effective digital marketing strategies.

The best part about it is that you have all the controls over your Digital Marketing efforts. Luckily there are proven digital marketing strategies that will work in today’s time for which you don’t even need to reinvent the wheel.

Now, let’s get straight into what digital marketing strategies work best for hospitals today on the Internet.


1. Hospital Website :

A fully functional website is the most important thing for a hospital to build a digital presence. Not only this is a chance to display your hospital’s services and facilities, but also this is a chance to write a little more about the top doctors and professionals from your hospital. The more informative your website is the more comfortable your patients feel while using your hospital services. It is also very important to have a responsive webpage that loads quickly. As most of the users today access the internet through their mobile phones, your website needs to be mobile-friendly for gaining maximum visibility.


2. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) :

SEO and SEM do the same thing, just make sure that your hospital ranks number one on the list of Google search results. Search Engine Optimisation includes optimizing your webpage and keywords so that your webpage ranks high when a

SEO - Thedigicreators

SEO for hospitals – Thedigicreators

the relevant query is searched on the internet or Google. SEM includes paying to rank first for a search query. SEO is a free strategy, but it will take a bit of time to rank and ranking depends on many factors. SEM is a paid advertisement with immediate results. SEO is highly recommended to include in your Digital marketing strategies for Hospitals.

In the health care sector, both SEM and SEO are very important! Your hospital must rank first for service-based keywords searched on Google, as most of your patients are often searching for more information regarding a certain process or procedure. You also need to make sure that your hospital is ranking high for the patient who is living nearby, or only to the patient from areas you believe would travel to your hospital’s location.


3. Content Marketing :

As the most important part of your digital marketing efforts should be focused on content marketing. Content marketing helps in building trust with the patient and provides a lot of free value to a consumer. People on the internet are always on the lookout for relevant information. Once your hospital’s piece of content is found and

Content Marketing - Thedigicreators

Content Marketing for hospitals – Thedigicreators

consumed by someone on the internet, it will help your hospital establish authority on the topic. Content marketing also helps SEO for a higher ranking. Hospitals have the ability to talk about a vast amount of health topics that a consumer is looking for and will be helpful for him, and the best part is that hospitals have access to the world’s best doctors in the field. Content doesn’t always need to be in the form of blogs or articles, it can be colorful fun infographics or even a video. Videos work pretty well as videos have the capability to have the highest number of engagements on the internet.


4. Social Media :

Some of the best hospitals in the world have done their social media strategies perfectly. A significant

Social Media Marketing - Thedigicreators

Social Media Marketing for hospitals – Thedigicreators

t chunk of time someone spends on the internet is spent on any social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. So this is one is the best way to engage and communicate with your customers on the internet nowadays,

by creating an engaging post and offering a chance for the audience to share their views on the post. A good practice is to merge social media with content marketing. Every hospital can use a social media platform to share content regarding health issues or health benefits tips that social media users can find easily and gain maximum knowledge out of it. The main purpose of such content is to educate the viewer about their health and provide information about several topics that should be followed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


5. Display Ads :

Display ads are the curse of every internet user. While they can be super annoying for you as a user but can be very effective and useful for marketers looking for an increase in sales. By using this digital marketing method you have something to announce to your users, such as if you’ve recently launched a new e-prescription platform. The point is that display ad are a very good way to disseminate your information on your webpage for your patient or the viewer simply to generate maximum traffic.

Looking out to make a digital marketing strategy for hospitals? Contact us today.

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