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Yoga Meditation
By NICOLE LENZ 2,931 views

What are the right ways to do Yoga Meditation?

In the noisy world, every individual seeking peace and wisdom. However, nothing in this world is easy to achieve, not even a peace. At this moment you need to connect with your inner self to attain peace. Is it easy to attain peace of mind? How can we connect with the inner self? Well, ‘yoga meditation’ is the answer to all the questions.

Meditative Environment

Many people around the world, whether a teacher, a professional, or a famous personality like Nicole Lenz, encourage everyone to include yoga meditation in daily life. However, meditation is helpful only if we do it in a correct manner. So, let’s check out the steps to do yoga meditation.

Here are the steps to do yoga meditation

A Meditative Environment

a) Choose a Quiet Environment

The location you select should be peaceful. If the surroundings are noisy, a practitioner might get distracted. Experts prefer noise free surroundings for meditation. Furthermore, they say, perfect locations are either free from machinery and technology and where a lot of natural light and fresh air can consume instead of electrical lighting.

b) Time your Meditations sessions around your meal

Full stomach during meditation make you feel drowsy and if time is close to your meal, the hunger pain may distract you from meditation. Therefore, choose a time when you are comfortable, perhaps a few hours after a meal. Further, do some stretching exercise to warm up your body, as it helps you to sit for a longer period of time.

Performing Poses suited to Meditation

a) Sit Upright and Practice deep breathing

You can sit anywhere that allows good posture and comfort to focus on meditation. Now, get ready for the breathing exercise. Deep breathing is the best way to ease mind, body, and soul, as well as improve concentration. The Nadi Shodhan Pranayama – a particular breathing technique – involves alternating nostrils in the manner below:

  • Place your middle and index finger between your eyes, and other fingers around your nose. The thumb will be on your right nostril.
  • Now, breathe deeply into the left nostril while closing the right nostril.
  • Alternate pressure, and exhale out of the right nostril


b) Try Ujjayi Breathing

The practice of Ujjayi breathing is long and smooth. According to most health advocates, it is good for giving you energy and making you feel calm. Try out its techniques:

  • Sit cross-legged on the floor.
  • Try to relax and visualize that you are taking long, slow breaths inward through a straw.
  • Exhale slowly, as though through the same straw.
  • Make the breath as long and as smooth as possible.


Focus on the Body, Mind, and Soul

Nicole Lenz Focus on body
Nicole Lenz – Focus on Body

a) Dissolve Away Distractions

In everyday life an individual face so many distractions and worries. Therefore, the first part of meditation allows you to recognize the distractions of your life, this is how you will easily remove exterior distractions when you begin to focus.

b) Reflect on your body

Slowly direct your attention to the inside and move through each part of your body. Take a look of each body part as you move along. Be aware of your various senses i.e taste, smell, sight. Notice if you have any pain or stress.

c) Discipline your Mind to focus on a singular object

According to fitness experts like Nicole Lenz, to attain a higher level of concentration while meditating follow what is called the “Four Functions of Mind”:

  • Observe your mind and its impressions, discriminations, and judgments.
  • Accept the various observations whether they are positive or negative.
  • Instruct your mind to choose the object of focus like a dot on a sheet of paper, the center point of tile, the design in a floorboard, etc.

d) Open your Eyes Slowly

At the end of the meditation, make small moments while opening eyes to bring back to attention to the body. To end the yoga meditation sessions, you can use the technique like

  • You can lightly ball your fists a few times.
  • Try flex your calf muscles.

Try yoga meditation in everyday life and feel the difference by Nicole Lenz!

Nicole Lenz

Nicole Lenz is the Co- Founder of Los Angeles Wellness Spa, Elements Holistic. Nicole moved to Los Angeles, from North Royalton Ohio, in 1999 to pursue an acting and modeling career. Despite her many acknowledgements, Nicole's drive and passion has always been in humanitarian work.

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