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Cosmetic procedures are more common now than ever. We’re able to change most things about our body to look however we want. While more people are interested in getting cosmetic surgery, it isn’t easy for everyone. Many procedures are extremely invasive and a lot of them are permanent. This is a big decision for someone to make and can lead to some people not wanting to go through with it. These procedures can also have a long time to recover from it, many of them being at least two weeks. There are many people who aren’t willing or able to take this time off from work. Still, getting a cosmetic procedure could drastically improve a person’s outlook. For some concerns, they can easily be treated with a non-invasive procedure, rather than a surgical method. If you’re looking to get cosmetic surgery done by some of the most advanced doctors, then make sure to read about Michigan’s top-rated nose job surgeon, Dr. Masri.

Many people can find exactly what they’re looking for with a non-invasive procedure. These procedures allow you to get back to your daily routine with very little recovery needed. Here are some of the best cosmetic procedures you can get that won’t require surgery.


Botox is one of the most common procedures out there, including surgical and non-surgical. Getting Botox injections can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The most common areas that Botox injections are used are around the forehead and eyes. These areas become wrinkled due to muscle movements, like frown lines. Botox is injected into muscles that after injection, can’t receive signals from nerves. This way, the muscles have to relax and aren’t able to wrinkle the skin. Botox at a younger age could also help prevent deep wrinkles in the future.


Skin is a major concern for men and women among all age groups. At the core of many of these skin concerns, is collagen, or the lack of collagen. Collagen is made naturally by the body, but it makes less and less as we age. It’s also an important part of skin looking full and young. Fortunately, there is a way for skin to start producing more collagen. Microneedling makes small pricks in the skin’s surface. This causes only a slight injury that encourages the skin to produce more collagen. Different methods, like dermapen, are used to treat concerns like acne scars and uneven skin texture.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers have quickly become one of the most common cosmetic procedures. People choose to get dermal fillers anywhere on the face, most commonly in the lips, cheeks, and forehead. Most dermal fillers use an injection of hyaluronic acid, which the body naturally makes on its own. It can be easy to get dermal filler mixed up with Botox injections, as they can both treat wrinkles. Unlike Botox, which freezes the muscles, dermal fillers plump up your skin to make it look fuller. This is great for anyone with sagging skin, or anyone with features they’d like enhanced.

Cool Sculpting

Body contouring might seem like it’s impossible without some type of surgery. Technological advancements have actually made it possible to shape your body without making any incisions. Procedures like CoolSculpting can kill fat cells from the outside. Fat cells are frozen and killed off anywhere on the body. This allows you to contour your body with relatively little pain.

Chemical Peels

Another common procedure to improve your skin is with a chemical peel. While most people already know the importance of exfoliating to keep skin healthy, there’s only so much you can do on your own. These peels cause the outer layer to peel off on its own, revealing newer, fresher skin. Chemical peels can treat a number of concerns, including sun damage, scarring, and hyperpigmentation.

Laser Treatments

The use of lasers has made a wide variety of non-invasive procedures available. Similar to microneedling, lasers can stimulate the skin to create more collagen, leading to a more youthful look. There are even more treatments available than just laser skin resurfacing. Another common procedure is laser hair removal. Unwanted hairs can be annoying and require a lot of maintenance to keep them away. This damages the follicle and makes hair unable to grow back. Lasers can also be used to treat spider veins and varicose veins, which causes the veins to disintegrate.

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