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By NAIMISH PATEL 511 views

6 Easy Steps to Build an Online Web to Print Business

The concept of an online web-to-print business is interesting because it is effortless and less chaotic. No minimum order requirement, no compelling reason to have stock on hand, no set-up required, lesser overheads, and whatnot. You can add your own distinctive twist to ordinary items like shirts, books, bags, mugs, and more and sell them online seamlessly.  

However, if you follow the conventional route of buying and holding your own stock of items, you can end up with a lot of unsold goods. 

Although, building an online business won’t break the bank but it requires hard work, effort, time, and commitment.  

Starting your own online printing business might seem challenging at first, but with the right direction, it’s not as complex as it appears to be.  

In this detailed guide, we’ll walk you through every step you’ll need to take to set up your online printing business right from the scratch. 

7 crucial steps to get started with your online web-to-print business without wasting any time: 

1. Choose an appropriate location

Looking for an ideal location for your online printing company is the very first and the most crucial step. No matter what industry you are in, having a physical site may make or break your business.  

Choosing a location that complements your brand’s image and corporate culture is essential for reaching your business objectives. If you fail to do so, it might get quite challenging to persuade your customers to buy your goods or use the services your print company offers.  

An active neighborhood with lots of offices, businesses, schools, or institutions is the ideal location for your printing service. Also, make sure that the location you select can store all of the required equipment easily.  

You must keep in mind that your monthly income may fluctuate depending on your house rent and the location. 

2. Determine the operating costs

Operating costs are significant because they can be used to evaluate a business’s cost and inventory management effectiveness. It emphasizes the level of expenditures a business must make in order to produce revenue, which is its primary objective.  

Therefore, calculate the costs of all the investments you need to make in the required tools to print materials, such as a computer, software, printing press, scanners, digital printer, and more.  

As you are starting your company from scratch, you might want to save some money initially. The best way to cut down on costs is to lease some of the items you need and keep paying for them over time. This will enable you to appropriately save money and invest it. 

3. Pick an online platform

Selecting the right software is one of the most important steps in order to build a successful online printing business. Regardless of how innovative and creative you are, picking the right online platform would be necessary for you to get started with your online business. You should pick software that provides you with customization features so that you can design your website and online printing business according to your requirements.  

There are numerous amazing and top-tier custom web-to-print solutions available to support your online printing industry business and build it keeping your unique requirements in mind. You may find numerous free software but they lack important features and have very less flexibility. So, it is better to opt for a paid solution.  

4. Finalize a niche

This is another essential step in starting your online business. Selecting a niche is super important when starting your print business. 

This task is super challenging when it comes to an online printing firm as it may get quite tricky to improve on your conversions if you don’t have some attractive items and content to display on your website.  

There are generally two types of niches in the printing industry. The first one is product niche where you can decide on what kinds of different items you are going sell online. It can be mugs, books, T-shirts, backpacks, or any other item that you need to offer in your store. You can either sell any one or all of them in a single platform. 

The second type of niche is a subject specialty. Choose whatever topic you like, such as a birthday, Thanksgiving, flowers, a dog, or anything else. Choose a layout and the subject on which you want to appear. In each of your stores, you can display the same designs on things like T-shirts, mugs, hoodies, sweatshirts, and whatever else you choose. 

5. Select a pricing strategy

Before you start any business, be it online or offline, it is necessary for an individual to understand that everything comes second to pricing. Pricing is crucial because it establishes the value that your products hold for both you and your customers. Customers can determine whether an item is worth their time and money by looking at the pricing point. 

Pricing is an important tool that is used as a marketing tool to draw clients. A low-cost product structure may work well if you wish to draw in a diverse clientele. In contrast, you can generate refunds, sales, and discounts while preserving profitability by using a slightly higher price structure. Do your research and finalize a pricing structure accordingly. 

Also, remember that pricing may vary from project to project as it entirely depends on the amount of work your clients are requesting. For instance, the price of digital printing could go up depending on how complex the task is. Instead of setting prices based on assumptions, you may keep an eye on what other print businesses are charging for their services. You must create a pricing structure that works well for your business. 

6. Build your online store

This is one of the most important phases in starting your own online printing company. Owning a store is necessary in order to sell your goods as your customers will contact you through your online store. 

Building an online store is not difficult at all, and it turns out to be beneficial because many custom web-to-print solutions available in the market that can create ready-made eCommerce stores for you.  

These solutions give you a very high-end user experience by allowing you to customize your online stores and display all of your products in one location. Such platforms are designed to help you gain complete flexibility where your team can set up corporates very easily, integrate the best of online technologies, and make way for instant set-up services to launch your online store in no time.  


We are aware that traditional business structures call for significant investments in purchasing, warehousing, shipping, recruitment and not to mention other overhead costs. It also calls for a lot of planning, time, and effort. However, the situation is not the same when it comes to online print business. 

With an online print company, you may avoid tedious activities like inventory management, product packaging, shipping, and more. As a result, it carries less risk and obligation. It provides you more time to focus on business achievement instead of simply wasting it on planning and management. 

Here’s hoping that these above-mentioned steps will help you get started with your journey of building your online web-to-print business seamlessly and efficiently.  


naimish patel