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By NEIL WHITE 1,986 views

Purchasing a Hand Dryer for Your Business

Clean and neat washrooms in offices and other business facilities have always been at the very top of the priority list. Now more than ever, people are looking for ways to limit the point of contact with other people as well as different surfaces, and hand dryers are a tremendous help. Hand washing should be frequent and quick, and a powerful hand dryer is essential, like the Dyson Hand Dryer. Older generations of hand dryers are rather slow and not as energy-efficient as modern generation one, and if you’re looking to purchase a hand dryer for your business, here’s how to find the best one:

Consider the cost

First things first – there is no point in looking at the latest generation hand dryer models if these are way above your budget. There are simple and basic models that cost about $150, but also those whose price exceeds $1,000. Fortunately, there are many different models and features to choose from: you can always opt for a basic model, but getting the one with extras might be a better option, as these come with extras. If you’re looking to buy an automatic dryer with a sensor, or one that offers great energy efficiency, you should be prepared to pay more. It’s also imperative that you remember that paying more upfront when buying an energy-efficient model will certainly pay off in the long run since you will get to save money on electricity bills.

They can be noisy

While some people detest the loud noise that some hand dryers make, others have no problem with it. Depending on the type of business you’re running, you might want your dryer to be extra quiet, but remember that the quiet ones are usually weaker and take a long time to dry the person’s hands. On the other hand, if the noise is not always a concern, you could think about getting a model that has adjustable power since these will allow you to simply turn the power down when you need the machine to be quiet. For those who don’t mind noisy hand dryers, high-power ones will be the most efficient as well as the quickest.

Think about hygiene

One of the main reasons why people choose to install hand dryers instead of paper towel dispensers in their washrooms is to improve hygiene. So it happens that paper towels aren’t as hygienic or as tidy as hand dryers, which is why they are a piece of commercial washroom equipment that’s great to have on the premises in the time of coronavirus pandemic. Not only will there be less trash, to begin with, but with automatic models, people won’t even have to touch the machine to start the drying process, which further improves safety measures. Once again, depending on the type of business you’re running, you can also get a dryer that has a filter for the air that’s blowing out. This way, you will ensure that your employees and customers dry their hands on sanitary air.

Do research on different types

In the past, people refrained from buying hand dryers because there were way too many downsides, so they simply used paper towels instead. Still, the manufacturers were paying attention, and a great number of modern hair dryers don’t have any of the issues people complained about in the past. Three main types of hand dryers are: automatic, high-speed, and traditional. We mentioned before that automatic ones use infrared sensors, which allows them to turn off when not in use. They also use less energy but are much more expensive than the other models. High-speed ones are able to dry a person’s hands in 10 to 15 seconds, which makes them stand out from other types. Unfortunately, these can be pretty expensive and rather loud. With traditional ones, you are expected to press a button to turn them on, and it takes up to 45 seconds for the person’s hands to dry. As inconvenient as these traits are, these dryers are very common and affordable.

The importance of energy use

We already mentioned that some types of hand dryers are more energy-efficient than others, but we’d like to get into a bit more details here; all in all, it’s the high-speed hand dryers that are the most energy-efficient on the market. Automatic dryers aren’t that far behind either, seeing as they were designed to be turned on only when they’re in use, whereas traditional ones are pretty low on the list. If you’re worried about the energy consumption of your business and are thinking about cutting the cost, try to find a high-speed automatic hand dryer that will fit your facilities. These are not going to come cheap, but they will definitely help you drastically cut the cost down in the future.

Going green

With so many factors to consider when buying a hand dryer for your business, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Still, it’s a big decision and a very good move for your business if you’re hoping to go green. It doesn’t matter exactly what type and model of hand dryer you choose to install in your facilities; rest assured that by using it, you will make a big difference to the environment. You will no longer be contributing to the energy consumption and waste production involved in making and tossing paper towels. Make sure you do thorough research but remember that by taking the step and simply buying a hand dryer, you will already be making a difference.  

Unlike hand dryers of older generations, modern ones can save energy, speed up the hand drying process, and they also look really good. Gone are the days when drying hands with paper towels was faster than sticking them under an electric dryer, and people don’t have to shake the water off their hands or wipe them on their pants and/or shirt. Take a good look at different hand dryer models and do a bit of research to find out exactly which one would be best for your business.

Neil White

A journalist from Sydney, Australia.

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