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Remote Desktop Mobile

AnyViewer Remote Desktop Mobile App – Control PC from Phone

Can you control a PC from a phone?

Technology advancements and the growing need for mobility have led to significant advancements in Remote Desktop Mobile solutions. At first, IT specialists and workers utilized remote desktop access mostly for maintenance and troubleshooting on other people’s PCs. But now that mobile devices and remote work are more common, everyone may use these solutions.

For mobile devices, remote desktop refers to the ability to access and manage a desktop or workstation from a tablet or smartphone. Through a remote connection, users may access files, apps, and resources just as they would at their workstations.

AnyViewer: Best free remote desktop mobile app for iOS & Android

Top-notch, safe, and quick remote desktop mobile software, AnyViewer is full of capabilities to accommodate different user requirements. Its robust features and easy-to-use design make it the go-to option for both experts and casual users, enabling seamless interaction across desktops and mobile devices.


What are the benefits of AnyViewer for mobile?

There are several benefits that AnyViewer owns as the best mobile remote desktop app. Let’s investigate them:

  • Increased mobility &flexibility

The ability to work whenever and wherever you choose is one of the main advantages. AnyViewer guarantees that you remain connected and productive even when you are not physically confined to a location, whether you are traveling for work or away from your workstation.

  • Increased productivity

With AnyViewer, users can easily access the necessary files and programs from anywhere, enabling them to work productively from any location. Processes become more efficient and streamlined.

  • Cost-effectiveness

AnyViewer allows customers to see their current desktop infrastructure from mobile devices, doing away with the need for expensive software installations and hardware upgrades. This approach lowers IT costs while guaranteeing scalability and cross-device compatibility, making it the best remote access solutions for small business and big corporations.

Which are AnyViewer’s primary features for mobile devices?

AnyViewer provides a plethora of free services aimed at improving user experience and efficiency. Here are a few standouts:

  • Remote PC control: This mobile remote desktop software enables you to remotely control your PC from an iOS or Android device. This suggests that you can access and manipulate your desktop, run apps, and interact with data using your mobile device.
  • Remote Android control: You may monitor and control your Android devices from your computer by using AnyViewer. Without requiring physical access to the Android smartphone, you may monitor device performance and carry out administrative operations.
  • Support for multiple displays: AnyViewer offers support for several monitors, giving you a roomier and more engaging workspace. Multitasking becomes more effortless and successful while working on many monitors at once.
  • Power management: You may lock, restart, or shut down your computer remotely using AnyViewer. With the help of this tool, you may remotely adjust the power settings on your computer.
  • Mobile screen mirroring: With AnyViewer, you can mirror your mobile screen to your PC using a QR code. This feature makes it simple to multitask by allowing you to view and control your mobile device’s screen directly from your desktop.

How to manage a PC from a phone using AnyViewer

It’s easy to set up AnyViewer for mobile devices to enable remote desktop functionality. Take these actions:

Step 1. Set up AnyViewer on your computer

  • Download and use AnyViewer on your PC.
  • Register or sign in.

AnyViewer on your computer

Step 2. Configure your mobile device using AnyViewer

  • Get AnyViewer and launch it on your iOS or Android phone.
  • Use the same account to log in.
  • Make your PC selection from the list.
  • Select “One-click control” to have immediate access.

Configure your mobile

Step 3. Use your phone to control your PC

Now, you may quickly access your PC from your phone and use the touch screen or keyboard to operate your PC.

Use your phone to control your PC


The way we access our computers from mobile devices has been completely transformed by remote desktop mobile solutions. AnyViewer is the greatest free remote desktop app for iOS and Android because of features like multi-monitor support, remote PC and Android control, and mobile screen mirroring. With over 60 million users in just six years, AnyViewer is a really useful application that you should not overlook!

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