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rental property
By JOE MAILLET 8,853 views

Top Ways to Help Your Rental Property Stand Out

The housing market is currently booming but it’s also very competitive. If you are putting your rental property up for sale, the goal is to sell it quickly for a great price. The best way to do this is to make sure your home has great renovation and curb appeal. This will not only help increase the value of your house/property but also help any possible renters look at your property and feel as though they could call this place home. Here are the best ways to make your rental property stand out from the rest:

Good First Semblance

As the first semblance is always the last semblance, you should be prepared enough before any rental client comes and judge the house. Make a list of the important aspects of your rental property that will be featured in the property advertisement. Make sure to mention whether your property has lately been remodeled, if any of the appliances are brand new, or if you have access to community grounds in your ad. Also, make certain that your chosen rental property agency provides an exact description, which includes the number of rooms, their proportions, any historic features, and, of course, the correct rental amount. To entice the ideal tenants, you can also promote lifestyle facilities such as public transportation, schools, shops, and hospitals, as well as their closeness to the building.

Beautiful Curb Appeal and Landscaping

The first thing any prospective renter is going to notice is the outside of the property. The best way to create the first impression of the property is to make sure the outside is clean and welcoming. You can do this by keeping up with landscaping such as cutting the grass, trimming bushes, cleaning the gutters, and planting flowers. Another thing to consider is adding a fresh coat of paint to the outside of the house to liven it up and have it look brand new.

More Outdoor Space

The outdoor space should be made enough. As a result of people starting to work from home and spending months at home owing to the shutdown, the desire for residences with gardens and outside space has risen recently. If you have a tiny garden on your property, you should consider landscaping it and even adding some lawn chairs. It’s also a great idea to include a patio or a garden shed. If you don’t have a lot of home space, consider constructing a rooftop garden or even transforming a balcony into a terrace garden.

Deep Clean

Renting a home can be costly and you want to make sure a potential renter feels like they are getting the most for their money. A great way to do this is by deep cleaning the entire house, including the appliances. No one wants to buy or rent a new place that has stains or a gross smell coming from the kitchen. This will help create a welcoming atmosphere. Good tenants are drawn to well-maintained properties, so make sure the property is clean, fresh, and tidy on review day. A well-kept home also demonstrates to potential tenants that you are willing to handle the necessary upkeep and repairs, as well as setting a benchmark for how the property should be when they leave.

New Paint Themes

When it comes to the color palette of your rental home, neutral paint colors should be used as often as feasible. White, for instance, is a dependable paint color for your walls because it’s a lot convenient for users to imagine themselves utilizing them that way. It also brightens the room, making it more attractive to others to look at. Additional neutral paint colors to consider would be sandy, fawn, greys, and pastels.

Staging Rooms

Creating the perfect first semblance is imperative to renting out your property. Going the extra steps of brightening up rooms and staging them to highlight focal points will help you stand out from other properties. This will help any interested renters be able to picture themselves living there and get a feel for how their stuff would fit in each room rather than showing them around a big empty room.

Renovate and Update

Creating less work for new renters is key. Someone is more likely to put their money towards something that looks brand new and that they don’t have to put a lot of effort into after moving in. Some things to consider updating are appliances, kitchen cabinets, bathroom hardware such as toilets and bathtubs, and carpeting or flooring.

You don’t even need to invest a lot of money into updating your home. You can keep it simple by replacing little things that look outdated, such as blinds or ceiling fans. Another easy tip could be adding a fresh coat of paint to the rooms that need it.

Kitchen and Bathroom should be maintained

Nobody is implying that you must entirely renovate your bathroom or kitchen. CLEANING is the initial step in ambushing either of these chambers. Scrub the grout, wipe the floors, polish all appliances, and thoroughly righteous cabinets (inside and out), bathtubs/showers, toilets, and all hardware. Film and fingerprints should be removed from mirrors and reflecting surfaces.

Remember to glance up when you’re cleaning! Dust, cobwebs, and grease should be removed from fans and light fixtures. Also, double-check that the light bulbs in the fixtures are in good operating order. You’ll want to emphasize how much light the property gets; leaving light fixtures with half-functioning light bulbs is a no-no.

After you’ve thoroughly cleaned the rooms from top to bottom,

Add Storage

There are many ways you can increase storage in a home. Whether it’s enlarging a hall or bedroom closet or adding more shelves, there’s always room to improve storage space. Doing this can be a great plus for prospective renters since people are spending more time at home and working from home.

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Joe Maillet

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