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By LUPKA BELMEZOVA 1,852 views

Rental Tips for Big Cities with Limited Availability

Hunting for rental properties in big cities is extremely difficult, especially if you don’t have a large income. Big cities are usually inhabited by students from all over the country, tourists, occupied personas, etc. because most entertainment possibilities, universities, and jobs can only be found in big cities in most countries. 

Property managers use these factors as opportunities to help owners raise profits, and so, those who are looking are left with a limited inventory and high prices. Meaning that all of the good rentals are either taken or too expensive. 

You need to be prepared to face great competition and just a few options that fit your budget. Going into the rental field without preparation might end up harmful, tiring, and confusing, and you might find yourself having to pay much more than you can afford for an apartment that is not worth it and unbearable to live in. 

We can give you several tips on how to find the best rentals in big cities with limited availability, so you can rent a comfortable apartment and have enough money left for utilities, food, and entertainment.

Look Up The Neighborhood

Rental properties are famously expensive in large cities such as New York, London, and Paris. Therefore, if you are moving to such a city for a new job, to study, or any other reason, but are unfamiliar with the streets, you need to look up every neighborhood you consider moving to.

If the price seems too cheap, there’s probably a reason. Therefore, before even visiting the rental to check it out, make sure to look up any criminal records about the neighborhood. You should also check the water and energy availability on those streets. There could be big constructions for months, or there could be issues with water tubes all around the block. 

Try To Find A Rental In Winter

Families avoid moving during winter months. Firstly because the weather can create lots of issues, and secondly because schools and jobs stand in the way. Therefore, fewer people are looking for places to stay. 

This gives you an open window that you can use if you don’t have a similar problem that makes it difficult to move in the winter. Moreover, winter is the holiday season, this is another reason why families avoid moving, so they can enjoy the celebrations to the fullest.

The holiday season gives first-time renters a great opportunity to use lots of discounts in furniture stores. Even if you find a furnished apartment, you are going to need sheets, dishes, cleaning supplies, etc. You will be surprised when you have to spend a huge portion of your income on these items and you can’t live without them. 

This means that you need to buy every necessary item as soon as you move, so you can’t wait for another discount opportunity. The holiday season is when most brands sell inventory at great discounts. So it’s the best option for you to move during the winter months. 

Although inventory might be even lower during the winter season, the competition is far less, and you can save a lot of money on furniture and other necessities.

Sort Out Your Priorities

The limited rental property inventory makes it extremely difficult for the searchers to be picky. You don’t have a lot of options, therefore, you must establish your priorities. This way you know exactly what is very important and what you can let go of.

For example, you might have the opportunity to rent a property that allows you to move in with a pet and has every necessary attribute but doesn’t have a large bedroom. If you own a pet, you might not be able to afford to continue looking for an apartment with similar features and a large bedroom. 

The priorities could come to neighborhoods, blocks, and areas as well. You might need to find a place that is close enough to your job or your school. A supermarket near your rental and good public transportation might also be considered priorities. If you own a car, you might prioritize a gas station. Restaurants and malls might be pushed a little lower on the priority list when your options are limited but can be considered as pluses. 

In conclusion, you need to be ready to make compromises. It’s unlikely that you will find the perfect apartment with every feature you need on a low budget, so you might have to settle.

Use a Trusted Source

It’s crucial to find someone you can trust when it comes to moving to a new place. You need to make sure that you are avoiding scams. Sometimes moving to a new location can be a big risk. You must find an apartment that has a trustworthy landlord.

You have to find a property management company that is experienced and offers trustworthy deals. A tenant-landlord relationship can get complicated if you are dealing with scammers and fraud. 

A good property management company will get you a great deal. Sometimes, it’s better to find a rental with the help of a well-rated and competent property management company. Although sometimes you may not be able to afford a good management company, you can always use rental property websites that offer a list of property names and information.

You can pick a good website by looking at its reviews and competence. You can also get in touch with rental agents outside of property management companies. However, it’s more difficult to find someone you can trust this way.

Property managers will do the searching for you to find you the best available apartment or house at an affordable price.

Get Legal Advice

We already mentioned that scamming and fraud are not uncommon when you are trying to find a rental property. There are many legal issues that need to be involved in a lease. For example, property managers are responsible for maintenance issues most of the time, you don’t want your landlord to trick you into signing a contract that states otherwise.

Therefore, it’s in your best interest to get detailed information about landlord-tenant relationships, property law, and contracts. You will be able to avoid scamming and unpleasant events that could happen in the future if your contract is written poorly.

Visit The Properties First

Do not agree to take the apartment if you don’t visit it first. Pictures often lie. Firstly, you could end up in a completely different rental than you saw in the pictures. Secondly, the rental may be the same but the pictures might be taken at flattering angles and hide unwanted spots.

By visiting the rental you have taken a liking to, you can check out the utilities. How well the light switches work, if there is any loud noise coming from the neighbors, if everything is of high quality, if the water flow is fine, etc. 

There are multiple factors to consider when moving, including the type of accommodation you choose, such as a furnished apartment rental. How an apartment looks is the least important concern most of the time. The furniture and wallpaper might not be to your taste, but if the rental is well-maintained and includes every important feature, you can’t be too picky. You can move the furniture around and make some basic changes with the approval from your landlord anyway. The property is only temporary for you, so you can get picky when you have a high budget and a place of your own to buy.

Get To Know The Owner

Having an understanding and helpful landlord is going to be a great advantage. You need to pay the rent on time every time of course, but if any issues arise and you are getting paid later than usual, you need to make sure that your landlord will understand and give you some time.

Moreover, when you have a problem with neighbors, it’s best to be sure that the landlord will help you out and give you a hand with your issues. Sometimes, property owners work with property managers. This is a better option for you since property managers are professionals who deal with tenants and property-related issues, not just owners who rent out their properties.

In the case of a misunderstanding, if there are any issues that you can’t resolve because the landlord doesn’t care, you will have a hard time trying to find a new place. It is very difficult to find the best rental property as it is. 

Final Thoughts

Moving to a big city can be overwhelming and tiring. There is a low rental property inventory and a large competition. You are going to have to give it your all when searching for the perfect place to move. Just remember that you need to be very careful and you can’t have too high standards, although, you should also make sure that the conditions of a rental you choose are good enough to live in for months or possibly years. Keep a positive attitude and think about your priorities!

Lupka Belmezova

Lupk is an Outreach Specialis at Goodjuju. Before joining the team she had various jobs. She worked as a content writer, a business manager, an SEO Executive.