Are you on the cusp of retirement? If so, congratulations! As we reach the zenith of our careers and step away for some much-needed time to relax – especially after decades of working and raising children – it can feel a little intimidating to wonder what’s next. Will we be financially stable? Will we be able to fill the time? Will we grow bored? If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to planning and enjoying a successful retirement, here are some handy tips and tricks:

Plan in Advance

The point in your career at which you decide to retire will have a big impact on you, your family, and your overall happiness. And simply being able to afford to retire doesn’t of itself mean that now is the exact right time for you or the business. If you work for a company, speak with HR about when would be a good time to step down. Is a certain time in the year busier than others? Can they offer you better pensions and benefits if you leave in another two years’ time, or five? In short, do your reading, gather all your information, weigh up all the different professional and interpersonal factors, and then – and only then – set a date for your retirement that benefits you and works for everybody.
Apart from this, if your colleague is retiring and you want to make their last day a memorable one, you can give them a special gift along with some nice retirement sayings which will make them feel special and loved.

Find The Right Medicare Specialist

Finding the right medicare specialist is essential for your health and peace of mind. You need someone on your side, to advocate for you and find you the best possible providers of healthcare, and work with you to arrange your budget and treatment plans. You’ll feel a great weight off your shoulders when you find the right professional as soon as possible.

Budget Accordingly

Preparation is key for this point. Once you know the fixed monthly amount of your pension and any benefits or passive income combined, create a budget and stick to it. You’d be surprised how much the funds you’ve amassed over the years can be quickly depleted if you’re frivolous or don’t keep an eye on them. This isn’t to scare you or suggest you never splurge on any luxurious – but you should be aware of the money that is coming and going from your accounts. Don’t bury your head in the sand!

Stay Active and Stimulated

So many people retire, looking forward to a life of leisure, only to find themselves bored out of their minds within three weeks. To prevent this from happening to you, why not start a new hobby, or join local interest groups? There are clubs and activities available for pretty much every past-time you can imagine: all you have to do is look, and you’ll find them, whether you’re into sailing, macrame, or belly dancing. This will help you make new connections with like-minded people in your community. You can also use this time to learn a language, write that novel, and stimulate your brain with puzzles, activities, or classes. Think about what you always wanted to do, while you were stuck at work, and go out and do it! Make the most of this time.

Retirement should bring with it good times and plenty of relaxation. To ensure you’re prepared and you enjoy yourself in the latter years of life, be sure to follow the above advice and keep on track.

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Joe Maillet
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