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By TONI COLLETE 112 views

What is the Right Age to Join the Gym?

Keeping your body fit is your responsibility, which explains why ‘now’ is the best time to start working out. Having a healthy and productive lifestyle can drastically improve your outer and inner self. It keeps your body energized and flexible and enhances growth. The best way to work out is to do it with the assistance of professionals. It is because training in the presence of fitness experts can help you perform the exercises most effectively and safely. You know why joining the gym is essential for your well-being and why there’s no perfect time to join the gym. But considering the Australian guidelines with regards to what is the right age to join the gym, there are some factors that you should consider before entering the fitness center.

At what age should you start going to the gym?

Movement is essential for the body to stay active. Whether there’s a baby inside the mother’s womb or an adult, moving the body around is necessary to stay healthy. Regardless of your age, it would help if you move your body’s bones and muscles. But what’s the minimum age to join a gym? It is advisable to involve a child older than eight in resistance training as it helps the body develop stronger. Also, when a child’s body gets habitual of physical activity, it helps them in their daily life. The more activities a child performs, the more active he will become as an adult. The idea is to inculcate healthy habits that can help the child grow and become stronger till he reaches adulthood.

Strength training is a wonderful option as an exercise after the child is ready with the basic warm-ups. It has a very positive psychological impact on the self-esteem and confidence of a child. Having a healthy and fit body can help the child feel comfortable in his skin and feel better about themselves. However, suppose you are skeptical about whether a child should begin weight lifting or not. In that case, you should know that it is fine if performed under the supervision of a professionally trained instructor.

Weight lifting for children

Since we have talked about what is the right age to join the gym, now is the time to know what kind of weight lifting would suit children. Strength or resistance training would be better for exercising rather than straight off lifting the heavy barbells. However, it is safe for a kid to lift adult-size weights unless and until the weight is ideally light and the repetitions are preferably done. Around 15 reps are enough for each of these resistance exercises. However, resistance training is about lifting weight and includes warming up movements such as pushups, squat jumps, and burpees.

These exercises strengthen the muscles and allow the body to open up. Suppose the child is already involved in fitness activities or is a professional athlete. In that case, resistance training helps him perform better in his sport as it majorly decreases the chances of getting injured because of improved flexibility and strength. Ensure that your child is emotionally and psychologically prepared to perform the power training program exercises.

Calculating the risk factor

When you start working out or doing any physical activity, there’s no chance that you don’t have any risk of getting injured or going wrong with it. Weight lifting in itself can be risky for anyone, regardless of their age. Whether you are a child or a full-grown adult, weight training or doing exercise at the gym could be unsafe if not done with the presence of a trained expert. Additionally, working out does not impact the body’s development though it might affect the hormones. A beginner needs a supervisor who can guide you through the entire process.

Benefits of joining the gym early

There are many advantages of joining the gym for a child. Let’s have some of them!

  • It keeps the heart and lungs healthy.
  • It develops strong bones, joints, and muscles.
  • It will help you maintain healthy body weight.
  • It will help you correct your posture and improve your balance.
  • It enhances your body strength and flexibility.
  • It enables you to protect yourself from chronic diseases.

Tips for encouraging children for physical activities

  • Motivation is essential to get started.
  • Choose exercises that you enjoy doing.
  • Ensure that you have variety in workouts to play around with.
  • Instill physical activities in the child’s daily routine.
  • Motivation is essential to get started.
  • Reward and praise the child after performing activities.


Whether a child or an adult, learning from an expert is safer and ensures that professionals guide your body. Thus, it could help if you trust a leading gym to start your fitness journey with the proper guidance and excellence that an experienced trainer could provide you. You have to search for the best gym near me and choose a fitness center that aligns with your requirement. You should look for the experience of the trainers, the collective experience and work testimonials of the center, and their reputation amongst their competitors. You should also check if the gym is easily accessible from your residence as it keeps you motivated to go to the gym and exercise frequently.

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