A Royal Migration Review is something that I will gladly do over and over again, gladly and without hesitation. This is a consultancy company that I have found to be the best, honest, transparent, and true to their words among the host of others. Lied to by several consultants. Tricked by their vain words. Cheated with a lot of money that went down the drail. Not to talk of the emotional trauma and days of waiting only for the visa to be rejected or for some documentation going wrong, When a friend of mine who is currently in Canada first introduced this company to me, I was a bit skeptical due to the sad and unfortunate experiences I had with the others. However, this company could read my hesitation and they put in their best to convince me that I’m in safe hands. The team is quick to reply to messages, emails, or even my calls and they are always ready to answer any queries or concerns. Very friendly, accommodating, and supportive, I could n’t think of a better team to work with while I was pursing my PR in Canada. The road has not always been easy but Royal Migration makes it happen.

Moreover, royal migration has got the best team ever. Experienced, educative, knowledgeable, and skilled in their various areas of expertise. From documentation to payment to getting of the visa, they helped me sail through the process with ease and supported me along the way. Besides, they are always there when needed especially the visa officer allotted to me who has proven to be more than a consultant to me. It is worth expressing my profound gratitude and appreciation to everyone in the royal migration who has at one point or the other supported and guided me. Without you guys, getting this visa might not be possible. 

The most amazing of all is that I finally got the PR status approved, all thanks to the Royal Migration. Without them, I don’t see this happening and for this I am greatly indebted to them. Not only was the overall experience great, but the charges for the service rendered are also nothing compared to the end result which is the visa. The team’s professionalism, support, and knowledge of the field are remarkable. I’m positive I’m not the only one who has amazing experience and who has got some wonderful things to say about this service. Read up royal-migration, ,

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Joe Maillet
Joe Maillet
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