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Common Skin Diseases with Causes & Available Treatments

Now skin problems have become a common problem. These problems take place due to genetic abnormalities, hormonal fluctuation due to puberty, pregnancy, menopause, allergies from food, bug bites, and other external factors. However, 90% of skin diseases are curable. Dermatologists use oral as well as topical medications to cure them. However, some of the drugs are not allowed to pregnant women, as they cause birth complications as well as abnormalities in the fetus. To avoid these circumstances, dermatologists prefer laser treatment over oral medication.

In this article, we will talk about common skin problems and their treatments.

Common Skin Problems & Their Treatments:

Acne Vulgaris

Skin inflammation acne breakouts, the most well-known skin problem in India., It can be a reason for tension for each teenager. Furthermore, the frequency of skin inflammation is increasing in grown-ups, as well.

Acne develops by blocked hair follicles and sebaceous glands of the skin. It may arise due to hormonal changes. The term acne breakouts mean blackheads, whiteheads, nodules cysts as well, even abnormal growths, and knobs also. Certain individuals get skin inflammation on a different part of their body as well, for example, the back and chest.

If you are struggling with acne, then you must take professional help. If the acne is left untreated, it can proliferate rigorously and leave permanent scarring. For moderate to very serious acne the treatment options are discussed below

Adapalene Topical: Over-the-counter topical medicine, can be purchased without a prescription.

Tretinoin Topical: Found in gel, cream, lotion form. Take doctor’s advice before use. It is not allowed during pregnancy, it usually causes birth defects, and increases the risk to the fetus.

Isotretinoin: It is an oral medicine, comes with a serious pregnancy warning. This drug is not recommended for a patient who is pregnant or wants to become pregnant. The medicines come with an increased risk of birth defect, even they may promote a miscarriage-like phenomenon.

Atopic dermatitis or Eczema

Atopic dermatitis is the most popular form of Eczema, majorly found in children below 10 years. The exact cause of Atopic dermatitis is completely unknown. But dermatologists believe that the reason may be genetic, immune system reactions, or some environmental factors. It mainly develops in Infants, basically on their feet, hands, fold, and creases of their skin. The common symptoms of Eczema are dry, itchy, scaly skin. Your baby may want to constantly scratch their area. Eczema causes allergies. Topical steroids are effective to cure Atopic dermatitis.

Dupixent: It is FDA approved medicine, it can cure moderate to severe eczema which was not cured by the topical treatment. Clinical preliminaries of Dupixent in more than 2,100 grown-ups with moderate-to-extreme atopic dermatitis prompted clear or practically clear skin when contrasted with fake treatment, with a decrease in tingling, following four months of treatment. Dupixent is now allowed for pediatric patients of 6 to 17 years of age, now available in the more convenient way ( Pre-filled syringe) for self-administration. It can be used with no topical corticosteroids.

Eucrisa: Eucrisa derived from Pfizer, is a topical medicine; FDA approved in December 2016. It falls under phosphodiesterase 4 inhibitor. It can cure mild to moderate levels of eczema in grown-ups, and children above 3 years. For better results, you have to use a thin layer of ointment at the targeted area two times a day.

Shingles ( Herpes Zoster)

Shingles Virus causes a red, inflamed rash that might fold over your middle or show up anyplace on your body. A fever, tiredness, fatigue, and headache might happen, as well.

Shingles are developed by a single virus that causes chickenpox – the varicella-zoster virus. If you suffered from chickenpox in the past, you’re at a high chance of shingles as the chickenpox virus lies in a dormant phase(not dynamic) in your sensory system for quite a long time. One preventive shingles immunization is available now in many countries.

Available medicines

Shingrix: It is an effective medicine to prevent shingles; The herpes zoster for adults of 50 and more than that. It is an inactivated, recombinant bacteria, the limited amount used to injected for immunization which promotes antibody formation against the virus. Two doses are usually administered for complete immunization. The second dose is given after 6 months of the first dose. It shows more than 90% efficacy.

Zostavax is a live vaccine. It is a subcutaneous injection to block the shingle virus infection. However, it has been discontinued in the United States in November 2020. Senior people with a compromised immune system are at high risk of viral infection. Shingles are painful. It required early treatment along with oral Valacyclovir to lessen the problem.

Hives or urticaria

Hives are the common skin problems due to different medications, bug bites, food allergies. If you have hives on a large area of your body, your facial area or throat gets inflamed, which may create breathing problems. Hives usually go away within 4 hours after treatment; But for a few cases, Hives may remain for 6 months to a year. This is also known as chronic urticaria.

Keeping away from the trigger, whatever it very well might be, is the best strategy to forestall hives. At the point when that is unimaginable, OTC antihistamines like loratadine (Claritin) or fexofenadine (Allegra) can be utilized to control tingling.

A medication used to treat hypersensitive asthma, omalizumab (Xolair infusion), was endorsed in 2014 to treat constant urticaria in those with no reaction to antihistamines.


Sunburn takes place due to intense exposure to UV rays. UV light from the sun turns your skin red, may even peel off. To prevent sunburn you can use good quality sunscreen, as well as use Hat, scarf to save your skin from intense sun exposure.

If you have an intense tan, you can try laser skincare Dubai for an assured result.

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