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Super App Development
By FRANK EVANS 4,084 views

A Comprehensive Guide For Super App Development: Must-Read

This is an era of mobile apps. Without them, we feel hard to perform activities in our lives. From shopping to keeping notes, we rely upon mobile apps. Especially, all-in-one apps get immense traction in today’s lives of people.

The app maintains a headliner for a long time. The reason for this is its ability to meet every user’s multiple needs. It saves enormous specs on users’ handsets too. Hence it’s considered the best option to download in place of installing multiple apps on devices.  

For these reasons, entrepreneurs enter the world of super app development. If you’re fishing about developing an app for business, Gojek-like multi-service app development is recommendable for you.

In this blog, we will uncover things you need to know about this super app development. Let’s head into the blog to learn things you ought to know. 

What difference between a Standard App and a Super App?

It’s not complicated to know the difference between a standard app and a super app. A standard app is designed to perform a certain core functionality. On the other hand, a super app is designed to perform ample tasks. 

Take Gaming as an example of a standard app. Using gaming apps, you will enter the world of exuberance. 

On the other side, you can anoint WeChat a super app. Using WeChat, you can do mobile payments, maintain a digital wallet, gaming, e-commerce, and especially messaging. With this super app, you can do many other than the core function i.e. instant messaging.

To conclude, standard apps are designed to commit to a specific task. Super apps are designed contrasting to that. It can perform more than one task for multiple users. 

Let’s see what tasks a super app can perpetrate.  

Standard tasks of an All-In-One App


Online shopping becoming an integral element of human life. It makes shopping simple and convenient. Using this app, users can surf any product details, make orders, pay online, and get them at doorsteps. Hence, it plays a vital role in people’s purchasing activities. 

Food delivery:-

Food is necessary for every human being. The infusion of techs in day-to-day activities put food preparations aside. To say simply, users have plenty of restaurants in their handsets. They have to choose food and get them delivered to their doorstep. That’s all. 


From packing a flower to delivering machinery, logistic services have an undeniable part in the lives of people. Using a logistic app, people can send and receive products at said time. This makes foreign transportation possible for a single person. This creates import and export better affordable in this digital era.     


In the entertainment sector, gaming is big and contributes largely to people as well as the industry. It has a net worth of 145 mn USD. The prediction says that the rise in this sector will occur year after year. A super app needs gaming to have a brilliant user base and to rank high.


Having ride-booking services in the super app is super beneficial. Users can book cars, trains, flights, bikes, etc., to travel using this super app. This app is more usable for them if it incorporates trendy on-demand ride-hailing services. 

Digital payments:-

Integrating digital payments eases users opting for services via the super app. They can pay for the service charge in a jiffy. They can perform money transactions digitally. Mobile recharge, paying OTTs, etc., can also be done using this all-in-one app.  

These are the well-known services a super app can give room for. These services are enough to meet the everyday needs of people using this app. If you are developing an all-in-one app, it is better to add all of the services discussed.

Pluses of developing a Super App

Numerous services:-

With the single super app, numerous services can be provided. From food delivery to taxi-hailing services, you can offer them within this single window. Easy to have a partnership with multiple organizations and service providers. Helpful for users to get services without jumping apps to get varied services. 

Eye-popping users base:-

The job of an all-in-one app is to serve multiple users. For this reason, multiple users will download and use apps to get various services with a single app. By delivering more services, the app naturally steers more people to make use of the services via the app.   

One account multiple services:-

Users have a great benefit from using this all-in-one app. They don’t have to maintain multiple accounts to get multiple services. With a single account, logged in once, they can acquire a variety of services. They don’t have to worry about remembering their IDs and passwords to get logged in. 

Excessive commissions:-

Having a wide audience base paves the way to earning an excessive commission. Using super apps, you get a super customer base who get multiple services using the single app. They pay multiple commissions for multiple services they got conveniently. So the bag of the commission will also be enlarged ultimately. 

Helps devices:-

Users using super apps save plenty of device storage space and RAM. They don’t have to install multiple apps on their device to acquire many services. They don’t have to dump the memory just by installing apps they are going to forget about. Instead, they can save them by having this super app that meets most of their needs.     

List of super apps that you may know

Gojek App:-

This Indonesian application is used to order food, hail taxis, digital payments, e-commerce, logistics, etc., It’s now being operated in countries like Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand.

Rappi App:-

Latin America’s popular multi-service app, Rappi, formerly started to deliver food online. But today, it has many services on its menu. From peer-to-peer money transactions to availing of e-scooters, listening to music, and getting movie tickets this app is greatly regarded by Latin Americans.

Paytm App:-

Formerly it was a payments app, but now it has various services to offer users. Ticket booking, paying bills, e-commerce, DTH recharge, and other payment services. This is one of the most popular payment systems in India.  


MyJio, Reliance’s super app is servicing multi-services for Indian people. This offers services like product delivery, mobile recharge, international communication services, digital payments, etc., MyJio is made a big deal with Facebook to provide seamless digital services. This convinces people to download and enjoy multiple services using this single super app all over the country. 


Careem is the UAE base one-stop solution for multiple services. Using the app, people can book a ride, get food delivered, do online shopping, in-app payments, etc.,  


In the USA, the Amazon app is used as a multi-services app. It services them with e-commerce, plus food delivery and digital payments. 


Facebook is first developed for socializing but in today’s world, it is an effective tool to marketize a business. With the support of the world population, this app is perfectly suitable to broadcast product launches and business induction programs. 


Revolut is the one-stop solution for matters of finance. Users can transfer, spend, and save their money digitally. This app allows users to effectively deal with crypto markets too. 


Super app development like an all-in-one app is not so easy task to do away with. You’ve to do groundwork effectively to make massive returns from your startup. Stay careful while adding multiple services to your business. Every service you add to your app should pay you big. Ensure you have a big market in your region to marketize your brand to the fullest capacity. I wish you all success in your business efforts.  

Frank Evans

Digital Marketing Executive In Trioangle Technologies.