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body hair
By SHOP FERIAS 2,190 views

3 Things You Need To Know About Body Hair

Removing unwanted body hair is the first thought that comes to mind when we plan a beach vacation, visit friends, prepare for a party, and more. The quickest way to remove them is by scheduling a salon appointment and letting professionals take care of body hair removal. Though waxing and threading are go-to solutions, they are painful and can leave your skin sensitive to the touch.

An alternative is at-home body hair removal methods, like shaving and hair-removal creams and gels. But they can cause skin irritation, itchiness, dryness, rashes, burns, and blisters. So, what should you do now? Use a crystal hair eraser instead! It clumps and breaks hair from the surface when gently rubbed on the skin in slow, circular motions. Besides removing unwanted body hair, the eraser exfoliates the skin, revealing new underneath cells and bringing back the natural glow.

However, if you have never tried at-home hair removal solutions or have done it only a few times, you might be worried about the results. If so, let’s learn about body hair a little; it will also help you deal with ingrown hairs and nicks, which are not uncommon after hair removal.

Certain body areas are vulnerable to ingrown hairs

The bikini line is a hotspot for ingrown hairs because the area constantly endures friction and pressure due to clothing, which forces hair back into the skin. Another reason is hair around the bikini line could be curlier than the hair on other body areas. So, they curve back under the skin rather than coming straight out when they start growing.

Nicks and cuts are not difficult to deal with

Nicks is expected after shaving body hair. They can be annoying, but you can treat them like other wounds. Rinse them with water and apply pressure for a few minutes, making sure they are not bleeding. For deeper nicks, particularly in sensitive areas, apply petroleum jelly and use a bandage until they heal. Instead of shaving the body hair, you can use a crystal hair eraser, which doesn’t cause nicks, cuts, or irritation, and remove hair without pain.

Most people follow the wrong direction when removing underarm hair

Although no rule says you have to follow a specific direction, removing hair against the growth gives better results. That said, it increases the risk of ingrown hair. And if your skin is sensitive, the chances of experiencing ingrown hairs are high. Consider figuring out the best direction to remove underarm hairs with a crystal hair eraser rather than shaving in an upward direction, the typical hair growth direction.

Unwanted hair removal shouldn’t need to be challenging. Learning about body hair will help you find the best way to remove them. If you are interested in a pain-free, at-home solution, buy a crystal hair eraser online!

4 Hairstyling Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

On a perfect hair day, you feel confident and ready to slay the day; you meet your friends or make date plans with your partner. But when your hair doesn’t look good, you prefer to cover them up with a hat or add an accessory to make them look better or avoid going out. Sometimes, it’s another way around; you wash your hair only on those days when you have plans as it’s easy to tame the freshly-washed mane. But you don’t have to follow this anymore!

By styling your hair, you can upgrade your overall appearance. With styling products like Airpro hair styler, you can set your mane to achieve the desired look anytime. Although hair styling is simple, ensure you don’t make the following mistakes, as they can ruin your look or damage your beautiful hair.

Keeping the setting at a high-temperature

Hair styling can consume much of your time, which can be tedious. Changing the temperature setting to high makes sense when you are in a hurry, but it does no good to your healthy hair. Extremely high temperatures can harm your hair strands, especially when you style your hair using heating tools every day. Turn the temperature setting to low, and your hair will thank you.

Not sectioning your hair strands correctly

Regardless of your hair styling tool, taking out hair sections and working with one section at a time is necessary for the best styling results. Women with long manes skip this step, especially when running late. If you often do the same, change your habits and use small hair sections when styling; it will save your hair from damage.

Ignoring the roots

It’s common for women to style their hair only from the midsection to the tips, fearing excess heat from the styling tools that may damage their hair. They rely on haircuts and trims to eliminate damaged ends due to the regular use of hairstyling tools. If you’re one of them, it’s time to stop the habit because it only makes your hair appear untamed and frizzy. Switch to professional tools like Airpro hair styler that style your hair without causing much damage. They also allow you to focus on the roots and tame your baby’s hair and your hair appears shinier and smoother.

Forgetting the crown area

Whether you are going with the curls or straightening your hair, never forget to style your crown area. Reaching the back of your head can be difficult even when you have mirrors, but that doesn’t mean you must leave the area when styling. Instead, pick hair strands from the crown area and straighten or curl it upwards, letting them fall as you move to the ends. You may have to struggle a little bit, but remember, practice makes perfect, and you will learn to do it effortlessly before you know it.

Hairstyling at home becomes easy when you avoid making the mentioned mistakes.

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