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trends of digital marketing
By KIARA BOASE 1,942 views

Top 8 Trends of Digital Marketing in Recent Times

In case you are a business owner, you are likely to be curious about trends in digital marketing in 2023. Though some fundamental aspects remain the same, certain trends in this field cannot be ignored.

The fact is that digital marketing is evolving continually. What is popular at one moment may become irrelevant in the next. Therefore, business owners need to stay updated with changes in the industry. This is especially true for any digital marketing company.

Following are the top trends for digital marketing in 2023 that businesses can exploit:

1. Content generated by users

Self-promotion of products and services will get the business to reach only a short distance. If you wish to win potential customers, it is good to get current customers to vouch for you publicly by creating user-generated content. This is because customers are likely to be impacted by people’s opinions rather than advertising slogans.

User-generated content refers to any visual or written content created by people for the online promotion of a business. Some examples of these are:

  • Posts on social media showing videos or images of authentic customers enjoying products.
  • Video testimonials in which customers talk about their experience with companies
  • Reviews left by customers on sites like Yelp, Google, and Facebook
  • Live streaming videos of customers unboxing and using products

The problem is how to get customers to create user-generated content. One way is to make it easy for them to leave reviews. An example is the creation of review postcards for happy customers, with instructions to leave reviews or a QR code for scanning. Another way is to solicit quick testimonial videos. Yet another option is to provide incentives like discounts for creating user-generated content.

2. Tools of artificial intelligence

In recent times, there has been much buzz about AI tools like ChatGPT. The latter is an amazing tool that can be used to create quick, natural-sounding, detailed content based on single prompts, so much so people wonder whether such AI tools will replace human effort.

Yet the fact is AI cannot replace knowledgeable and skilled marketers. The main issue is that they cannot create high-value content, vital for high search engine rankings. The real value of AI tools in marketing is for outlining, researching, and brainstorming objectives. Thanks to AI technology, several digital marketing strategies can be automated. The uses of AI for marketing include help in content creation, content personalization, creative usage, customer experience personalization, and dynamic pricing.

3. Social media marketing

This field has made many aspects easier for digital marketers, such as providing the chance to attract suitable clients, know their needs and wants, and satisfy them with targeted solutions. Social media platforms have become vital for developing reputation and sharing of information.

The fact is that before making a decision to purchase, most customers consult social media channels to ascertain the reputation of a brand and its products. So, it has become good for companies to have significant social media profiles. This is also a great way to share the right content with the target audience.

Some ideal social media channels for modern marketing include Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

4. E-mail marketing

As per Campaign Monitor, around 57% of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) use e-mail marketing as their primary marketing strategy. With regard to digital marketing, e-mail is the first stepping stone for all small businesses for either sharing business news, creating newsletters, or following up on purchases.

E-mail marketing is the best way to construct a close relationship between a business and its customers. For the proper building of the brand, it is crucial to create an e-mail list including all clients to send newsletters. For acquiring contacts, the best way is to include a sign-up form on the company website. People will trade their information (e-mail) for discount codes, tips, guides, and other useful features.

5. Short educational videos

One of the best ways a business can claim to be an expert in its field is by posting short educational videos on social media or its website. The popularity of such videos has boomed thanks to social media platforms like Snapchat and TikTok. Such sites limit videos to a few minutes/ seconds. So, for success, marketers must adapt to such metrics. DIY videos are the most popular items on this list.

6. Conversational marketing

Nowadays, most customers desire an immediate and close connection with the companies they buy from. However, creating such close relationships online is a tough proposition. Customers don’t wish to fill out lead forms and wait several days for feedback. Instead, they want conversational interaction right now. Therefore, conversational marketing is key in 2023.

CM is a technique that includes instant messaging in a business’s marketing strategy. Several companies have already caught on by setting up chatbots on their website. Such features permit customers to send messages to a business and gain instant assistance.

7. Phasing out of third-party cookies

It is well known that Google is slowly phasing out third-party cookies. This is a crucial trend for digital marketers as it implies that it will limit companies’ ability to send out personalized ads. Hence, companies need to tweak their marketing strategies.

A third-party cookie refers to a piece of code used by websites for tracking user behavior. Cookies are particularly useful for paid advertising like pay-per-clickwhich can target audiences based on highly specific user intent. Therefore, without cookies, businesses will struggle to personalize their marketing campaign. They will have to depend on tools for one-on-one marketing and more personal strategies.

8. SEO marketing

SEO is the foundation of marketing strategies and functions as the central point for integrating all features of the marketing campaign. The aim of search engine optimization is to enhance the website’s utility for creating a positive user experience, generating leads, and boosting conversion rates.

In sum, these are the top trends of digital marketing for 2023. Customers will no longer be satisfied with traditional strategies and trends of digital marketing. Instead, they will desire to favor businesses that embrace modern platforms and devote time, effort, and money to learn about their interest, like by consulting expert marketing professionals.

Kiara Boase