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Truck Accident
By CAROL JONES 234 views

Why You Should Hire Truck Accident Lawyers

When someone is mentally exhausted or has suddenly gotten bad news, they may use the phrase “struck by a truck” to describe how they are feeling. Since automobile crashes are frequent and practically every licensed driver has been in some kind of small incident, nobody ever claims to have been “struck by a car.” A truck accident is not often something you can just brush off as a hassle and move on from the next day.

Why You Should Hire Truck Accident Lawyers?

Let us explain why, if you have ever suffered injuries in a truck accident, you need to work with Swenson & Shelley, Cedar City Truck Accident Lawyers.

It’s possible that the insurance company’s compensation won’t meet your demands.

Insurance companies will interview drivers, study police reports, and go through any other available evidence following an accident. They will decide who was at fault and how much compensation is necessary before sending you a letter with a settlement offer. You will lose your right to file a lawsuit against the other party for the occurrence if you accept the settlement suggested in the letter. Even if the insurance company’s offer seems generous, you should consult with a truck accident lawyer. Since injuries can take time to manifest, you should wait to settle your claim until you are certain of its severity.

Non-Monetary Losses Can Be Recovered 

The insurance company may be ready to provide a settlement that covers all of your accident-related medical bills. Even if they pressure you into signing anything, you shouldn’t. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills are a drop in the bucket compared to the other costs you’ve experienced as a direct consequence of the accident. If you’ve been unable to work because of injuries sustained in a truck accident, you may be able to collect compensation for those missed earnings if you submit a claim.

If you are still unable to work when your case is settled or tried, you may be entitled to compensation for future lost wages. If an accident rendered you permanently incapacitated and unable to return to your previous career, this money will allow you to pursue further education or training, or it will allow you to provide for your family in the event that you are unable to return to work.

Non-economic damages are available to accident victims in addition to monetary recompense for things like bodily suffering, emotional agony, and the loss of a loved one’s presence in the event of death or serious injury. There is no cap on non-economic damages in Utah, thus the jury may award anything they deem fair. In most cases, the skilled attorneys at Swenson & Shelley, Cedar City Truck Accident Lawyers, would petition the jury to award non-economic damages rather than monetary ones. based on the non-monetary ways in which the accident has badly affected your life.

You Need Not Worry About Saying the Incorrect Thing

After a major accident with costly damages, you may get several calls from different insurance companies. This might be nerve-wracking since the insurance adjusters can interpret your statements as admitting fault for the accident. In fact, if you are really clueless about the situation, a competent adjuster may trick you into stating the wrong thing on purpose. The emotional toll of a catastrophic injury is compounded by the financial difficulties that often follow. Any questions you may have about your legal options after the truck accident should be directed to the lawyer you’ve chosen to represent you. A truck accident attorney may give you confidence in the legal process even before your case is resolved, allowing you to focus on healing and rejuvenation.

There May Be More to the Story Than Just the Truck Driver’s Error

If someone else was careless and caused your injuries, you may sue them. You need to show that the defendant owed you a duty of care not to put people in danger and breached that duty by permitting the unsafe conditions to remain if you want to win your case. The trucking company may have disregarded its duty of care by, for example, neglecting to do a background check that would have disclosed the driver’s history of reckless driving or recent drug abuse, or by failing to provide enough training to the driver.

Even while the transportation company is usually the first to be suspected, they are not the only possible villains. If a truck’s parts break owing to faulty construction, the manufacturer might be held liable for the failure. (If it broke down because of poor maintenance, the trucking company is to blame; they should inspect and remedy any issues with its trucks.) The loading service might be held liable in cases where the vehicle was overloaded or loaded unevenly. Under the legal doctrine of “premises responsibility,” the city might be held liable for dangerous but preventable road conditions. For this reason, it’s possible that you’ll have to file several lawsuits against various people or organizations related to the same disaster.

Have You Been Injured in a Truck Accident in Cedar City, Utah?

In the event that you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident in Cedar City, Utah, it is in your best interest to speak with an attorney who specializes in such situations as soon as possible. If you’ve been hurt in a truck accident in Cedar City, don’t hesitate to call Swenson & Shelley, the best Cedar City Truck Accident Lawyers. In case you have any questions, our attorneys are available 24/7 to answer them and advise you on the next steps to take. Dial (435) 261-9863 to speak with a representative at no cost.

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