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twitter trend takeovers

How to Use Twitter Trend Takeovers for Business

A Twitter trend takeover involves using the massive exposure you’ll get from a popular topic trending on Twitter to promote your business or cause in a fun and engaging way. The best part? You don’t need to be the one who started the Twitter trend in order to start your own Twitter trend takeover—you just need the know-how and creativity to make it successful! Here are some tips on how to use Twitter trend takeovers for business.

What is a Twitter trend takeover?

Twitter trend takeovers are events where users or businesses pay to have their topic become a trending topic. This type of advertising gives you unprecedented access to interested viewers, but with such a high price tag, many businesses struggle to figure out how it can benefit them. Here’s how it works and how you can use Twitter trend takeovers for business.
The first step in using Twitter trend takeovers for business is choosing what your goal is. Are you looking to create awareness? Build credibility? Find new followers? Understanding your goals will determine if twitter trend takeovers make sense for your marketing budget. The next step is finding out whether Twitter trends are even possible in your industry – some topics may be off-limits due to brand image or personality, so be sure to talk over any planned Twitter activity with company leadership.

What can you gain from it?

A Trend Takeover is when a brand sponsors a trending topic on Twitter for just 24 hours. This unique opportunity can have your company’s name seen by millions of people, with an average click-through rate of 1% or higher. You don’t want to miss out on these trending topics, which are usually incredibly popular and beneficial for your business! Trend Takeovers are designed as positive brand-building activities that let customers engage directly with your business through tweets while simultaneously establishing long-term loyalty. Having such a quick turnaround only takes a few minutes to set up and will really give you powerful results in driving traffic towards your website as well as increasing visibility in search engines, social media platforms, and all around!

Choosing the right time to take over a trend

When choosing a trending topic, check it against your business goals. While it might be tempting to think that taking over a trending topic for which you have no affiliation is easier, many people know that Twitter can generate a great deal of exposure. However, if you’re after a more authentic approach and aren’t sure what type of social media trends are best suited to take over your Twitter page, ask yourself these three questions: Is my company/product affected by X trend? Do I have value or information to add? Am I willing/able to invest resources into engaging with followers via my brand account? If so, then congratulations! This is one easy way you can use Twitter trend takeovers for business.

When should you consider taking over a trend?

If you’re promoting a special event, highlighting a product launch, or making sure everyone knows about a promotion, consider taking over a trending topic. A Twitter trend takeover is an awesome way to make sure that your campaign stands out—especially if your audience isn’t following you already. Follow these three steps to maximize your exposure and drive traffic back to your business.

Now what?

The best business you can start is one that aligns with your passions. Don’t just turn on your Twitter notifications and tweet all day. Look for opportunities to engage your followers, provide useful information and encourage them to interact with you in a meaningful way. Take over a trending topic, share valuable information or participate in relevant conversations by using hashtags effectively (sparingly!). Share helpful articles (like how to use Hashtags for Business ) or respond directly to questions people might have about your products/services. Trend Takeovers are easy ways for your business to reach new clients and build brand awareness among consumers in an organic way–all while increasing traffic, generating leads, building a fan base, and growing exposure for your company.

Where do you find trends to take over?

Twitter Trend Takeovers are trending topics on Twitter that allow you to brand your business and link back with an interest in a specific subject. That gives you a chance for many customers who are interested in that subject or similar subjects to see what you have to offer. How does it work? When you’re logged into your account, just go over towards Trending Topics, and then look for when Promoted is next to it. Then, follow through from there by picking a trend. They will ask for information about your company (including estimated tweets) and if accepted, they send out a promotion blast about it across their network as well as give you analytics for how many people viewed and engaged with it.