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Sarees are the epitome of style. Carrying a saree with elegance is in the nature of every Indian woman and that is the reason why slaying a saree #OOTD is like a walk in the park for most of us. The real difference comes in with the recent styles and various trends of sarees that you need to stay updated with.

Fret not, folks. We’ve got your outfit of the day all planned and laid out for you to choose your best pick. So, gear up for a fashion spree and get set to witness some rocking latest sarees online that are all the rage. 

You’re no less than those Bollywood actresses you adore and so, here’s how your dream will come true. Check out what’s going with the latest sarees online.

  • Simple but Significant

It is rightly said that less is more. When you dial it down and let a few things speak more, it really brings out that minimalistic vibe that you crave. Celebs today rock this minimalist trend in ways that complement their personality, and we’ve got the formula decoded for you with trending sarees online.

All you have to do is pair up your plain print or solid-colored sarees with a little bling. Choose a statement neckpiece, jhumkis, or anything that adds a little glam to your outfit, and VOILA! You’re killing the minimalist look like a pro!

  • Roam with Monochrome

Going for two-toned sarees adds another level of sophistication that you’ll genuinely love. The sarees online come in multiple shades so browsing for a monochromatic tone is like a jackpot. With good retail stores, you can buy sarees online in a hassle-free experience and filter your searches to win that monochrome saree lottery! Don’t forget to match it up with some sling bags to add that bling.

  • It’s Check-Mate

Who doesn’t love playing around with some check prints? We sure do! Be it a checkered shirt blouse or an overall checkered saree pattern, this design is the most recent trend for sarees online that you must consider rocking your #OOTD. The modern vibes mixed with the ethnic elegance of the saree makes it a must-buy for you!

  • Tassels and Frills

This style and design need no introduction. If you’re a social media fanatic, you would’ve probably witnessed those IG influencers taking their saree game up a notch by adding tassels and frills to their outfit. Whether it is part of the design of the saree that falls beautifully on your body or an added accessory to amplify the frill look, there’s a funky grace about this particular trend and makes us want to buy sarees online immediately!

  • Sheer Elegance

A see-through or mesh saree online is not easy to buy since quality matters. But when you’ve got big brand names to trust, it’s raining sarees all over! The sheer elegance of these sheer sarees is unmatched. If you’re going for a modern-chic vibe, netted sarees are your best bet. You can match it up with so many fun accessories that’ll transform you into the diva you are!

  • Indo-Western Style 

If you’re someone who loves the Indo-Western style, a saree will give you the opportunity to experiment with your look. Drape your saree over an off-shoulder cropped top or a corset for a fashionable festive look or simply cinch it with a belt to define the silhouette. 

  • Pre-Draped Sarees 

If you’re someone who’s never worn a saree before, chances are you’re intimidated by the complex draping and pinning. In such a scenario, opting for a pre-draped or ready-made saree seems like a good idea. A ready-made saree comes with stitched pleats and can be worn almost as easily as a dress or a skirt. In addition, since these sarees are stitched, they’re more secure than a regular saree. 

  1. Raw Silk Saree 

Silk is a symbol of beauty and elegance. When this elegance combines with the sophistication of a saree, the beauty of the outcome is unmatched. A raw silk saree is perfect for festive occasions or family gatherings. You can style these sarees with a contrasting blouse to create interest or opt for a matching blouse for a simple yet classy look. 

So, are you ready to rock your #OOTD yet? You’re a pro with these five stellar ways to slay a saree and the only thing left for you to do is buy yours online. Going for well-established retail platforms like Snapdeal helps you get the best quality sarees online at unbelievable prices. You get your Brand Waali Quality, Bazaar Waali Deal at the click of a button so wait no more and get your hands on the latest saree online today!

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