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wedding planning
By JOE MAILLET 2,665 views

Wedding Planning Checklist: A Brief Month-By-Month Guide to Organising Your Big Day

There is a great deal to be excited about when you get engaged. You certainly feel showered with love and are already starting to envision what this new chapter of your life will look like together. However, before you start turning the pages, you will want to make sure that you plan a lovely wedding to celebrate.

Your wedding day should be all about you as a couple. It will include your closest friends and family as guests and will be a party that you will remember for the rest of your lives. Nonetheless, if you have never planned a wedding before, you might be at a loss about where to even begin.

Many couples feel that they have mountains of time before their big day to get everything organised and planned out. The actual fact of the matter is, though, that it takes many months, sometimes more than a year, to plan a wedding. Things like wedding venues and bands often get completely booked up, so it is a good idea to at least get brainstorming as soon as possible.

Having somewhat of a monthly timeline that you look to adhere to is also a good idea. This means that you can get all of your plans in order without feeling rushed or overwhelmed. Here is a brief month-by-month guide to help you get started with the process of planning your wedding day.

12 Months-or-More Out

When you are over a year away from your wedding, you can feel as though you don’t really have to do anything towards actually planning the day just yet, however, now is the time to really get your ducks in a row when it comes to your overall vision for the day.

Start by actually selecting your date and your wedding party. You should ask your Best Man and Maid of Honour to serve in their roles sooner rather than later so they can help you plan the wedding and other events leading up to the big day from the beginning. You will also want to start reaching out to wedding venues, caterers, and wedding bands to see about availability for the day you have selected.

You can do a great deal of preliminary research online to help you get a clearer idea about what your dream wedding is going to cost as well. You can find a variety of bands on Alive Network to choose from and a variety of venues in your local area to reach out to for information a year or more in advance of your wedding day.

9 Months Out

As you get further through the year leading up to your wedding day, you can start to feel a bit overwhelmed with how much you still have to do. Despite this, with the big-ticket items like your venue and catering already in place – as well as your wedding-planning party on hand and willing to help, you can take on the rest of the planning with as little stress as possible.

This is the time when you should start getting your attire sorted out for the big day. The all-important wedding dress should be selected and ordered, the bridesmaid dresses chosen, and suits for the gentlemen picked out as well. This is also the time when you should find your hair and makeup team for the big day to make sure that you look your best.

Even though it is still a bit early to mail out your invitations, you will need to order them at this time. There are going to be many options to choose from if you go with a printer or specialty shop. Alternatively, you might decide to make and print them yourself. In either case, this means that your guest list should more or less be solidified at this point.

Other details to see at this juncture are the flowers, the wedding cake, and other accessories that you will need for the day, such as your shoes and jewellery. 

3 Months Out

With only three months to go, you are likely starting to really feel the excitement. This is the time when you should have your guest list completed, invitations mailed out, and a few other details seen.

You will want to take some time with your fiancé to choose and order your wedding rings and figure out when your hen party and stag party will be. This is when you will really need to lean on your Maid of Honour and Best Man as you get these events sorted.

It is also important to take your wedding dress for alterations at this time. Alterations can take several weeks, and you don’t want to cut things too close when it comes to your dress.

Lastly, finalise your music for the event with your band or DJ, choose gifts for your parents and wedding party members, and circle back with your venue and caterer for any last-minute changes and adjustments.

Above all, set some time aside for self-care during this time. Your wedding will be an amazing day, but it won’t be without its fair share of stress. Keep things calm and make sure that you relax a bit before the big day.

Joe Maillet

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