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Wonderwheel Store
By SIASMITH 2,844 views

Wonderwheel Store Review | Best Place To Buy Handmade Products

Wonderwheel store is an E-commerce platform to buy and sell handmade products made locally by independent artists, artisans, and craftspeople from all parts of India. This platform helps the artists to reach customers all over India and sell directly to them. The online platform makes the buying and selling process streamlined as well as secure and helps in increasing sales for the artists.

It is a destination to acquire high-quality handcrafted products and Personalized.

Customized Art for Gifting, Home Decor, Accessories, Jewellery, clothing, footwear, and many more.

They aim to create a community of artists that promotes creativity and helps turn your ideas into a thriving business. WonderWheel also provides a market where millions of buyers across India have access to unique, exquisite products from across India.

The main factor that attracts sellers all over India into this online market is its relatively easy operation and functioning. With the restrictions placed on all businesses, artists have been looking for a new way to approach their clients and give their products more reach.

What is The WonderWheel Store? 

It is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell handmade products made by individual artists, craftspersons, etc., all over India. WonderWheel Store website has an online store as well as detailed how-to guides and tutorials for making your perfect gift. WonderWheel provides an online platform for individuals to reach customers all over India and sell directly to them.

WonderWheel Store Review
WonderWheel Store Review

Wonderwheel has taken up the mantle to help artists with great ideas, and skills get their homemade and handcrafted products to reach their buyers. All the artist has to do is set up their Wonderwheel store account and set up their store from where buyers can access their products. After creating the store, the only thing left to do is create and upload your products along with their details, price, and information. The Wonder Wheel store handles the product marketing and all the shipping logistics. Doing so helps the artists to focus only on their products and not on the other factors involved in the trade.

Wonderwheel also provides added benefits to the seller by helping them to reach a wider and more versatile market through online marketing. All the online business needs are taken care of by the platform. It provides a streamlined platform to help you interact with the customer, resulting in the best experience for both the customer and seller. They give the seller with analytics, metrics, and statistics based on the sales, age, gender, demographics of their top customers, which helps to market the products in the future.

Benefits of Using WonderWheel Store–

They also provide sellers with advice on strategies to improve their profit margins and expand their business. Their reduced operational effort and costs, along with its low commission and listing rates, have turned this platform into one of the ideal markets for sellers all over India.

As intriguing as it is for sellers, the same goes for buyers too. Wonderwheel has a wide range of unique and creative products from artists all over India. This contrast of artists helps to bring a variety of products that are normally not easy to access. It is one market for arts and crafts delivered at your doorstep. Almost all the available products on this site are handcrafted and not mass manufactured, thus giving you an exclusive piece of unique design on products.

The user reviews state affordable prices with timely discounts, fast shipping, and high quality. All these have helped them garner loyal customers who are active buyers. To help sellers or vendors, they have uploaded several tutorials on their site explaining the steps and procedures that have to be followed to use the platform. They also have active customer service who are always ready to help.

Wonderwheelstore.com was the official gifting partner for one of Mumbai’s most loved festivals “Alegria The Festiva”l

Celebrities Who Chose WonderWheel Store–

Wonderwheelstore.com was the official gifting partner for one of Mumbai’s most loved festivals “Alegria The Festival of Joy”. They presented Customised Handmade Gifts to well-known Bollywood Stars like “Ayushmann Khurrana”, Stunning Actress “Warina Hussain,” International Dance Choreographer “Lauren Gottlieb,” Bollywood Actor “Jim Sarbh,” “Divya Agarwal,” International sensation DJ MAG “Mariana Bo” Indian comedian “Zakir Khan” and many more famous celebs from the Entertainment Industry. The gifts were custom-made by Wonderwheel artists from across India.

This was a presentation of their gratitude to all the vendors & artisans who supported them with their beautiful, handcrafted gifts & for their constant support.

Wonderwheel is one of the frontrunners in giving life to dying artforms and craftwork found in the rural parts of India.

They are slowly growing to be a pioneer in bringing high-quality arts and crafts all over India into the online market, giving opportunities to countless artists by giving voice to their art and products.

Why Buy From WonderWheel Store–

Wide Range

WonderWheel store has a broader range of Unique From across different religions all over India.

Support Small Business

By Buying from the WonderWheel store, you will support small businesses and help them to grow more.


Most Products on WonderWheel Store are Limited manufactured.

One Market

Only One Market For unique ideas and products from across India, Delivered to your doorstep.

Unique Designs And Ideas

Unique and different designs from retail shops.

Adorable And Cheap Prices

WonderWheel Store brings Products from across India to your doorsteps at affordable prices.

How To Sell On WonderWheel Store?

Unique Ideas

If you have any idea about creating a unique product at home with your family & friends, you are done with the first step in starting your own business.

Open Your Store On WonderWheel Store

  1. Go to WonderWheelstore.com and open an online store on WonderWheel Store.
  2. Upload Products Relax And WonderWheel Store Will Sell For You.
  3. Create and Upload product images on the store along with the product details and information.
  4. Relax And WonderWheel Store Will Sell For You.

Wonderwheel markets and reaches out to customers all over India. When someone buys your product Wonderwheel store will handle all shipping.


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